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For the similar looking monkey from Bloons TD Battles Mobile, see Professor Evil.
Sinister monkey baron

Monkey Baron as he was first revealed in the story

Monkey Baron is a non-playable character and main antagonist of Hot Air Bloon iOS.[1] He kidnapped the Monkey Princess, who took her into his blimp and flew off. He is also the final boss of Level 7, in a chase sequence involving the Blimp Monkey chasing the Monkey Baron to reach the castle before the Monkey Baron does. In the end of the gameplay story, he is defeated by being left behind from the blimp that he used to kidnap her, all because of Classic Dart Monkey's epic journey to save her. His lair appears to be a medieval-style castle.

At the end of the game, it is revealed that the Monkey Baron is the Player Monkey's brother.



  • Until 22nd January 2023, the first image of Monkey Baron was uploaded to Bloons Wiki on 23 November 2021 and there was no other footage of him at the time besides a couple of YouTube videos of game footage from Hot Air Bloon iOS.
  • He looks similar to Professor Evil, but probably isn't the same character.


  1. Confirmation of Monkey Baron's name:
    Ah yes, not to mention the turncoat Monkey Baron! To this day, they are locked in a titanic struggle over the heart of the Monkey Princess…
    ~ Ninja Kiwi's 28th April 2023 Blog