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All money generated by this farm is now stored in the bank and earns 15% interest every round.
~ In-game description

Monkey Bank is the 3rd upgrade on Path 2 for Banana Farm in Bloons TD 6. The Monkey Bank no longer drops bananas but instead generates money throughout the round, which is placed in its own "bank account", separate from that of other Monkey Banks.

It generates $230 per round which can be upgraded to $270 and $310 with the Increased Production and Greater Production upgrades, respectively. Monkey Bank with EZ Collect will highlight itself once it is full, while a Monkey Bank with the Banana Salvage upgrade will autocollect its balance when full after one round, on top of +10% sellback. It can store up to $7,000 and its capacity can be increased to $9,500 with the BiggerBanksIcon.png Bigger Banks MK. At the end of each round, the currently stored balance earns 15% interest. Therefore, a Monkey Bank can produce at least $265 per round at bare minimum when interest is taken into consideration. Selling a Monkey Bank will automatically withdraw the balance stored in the bank.

This upgrade costs $2,975 on Easy, $3,500 on Medium, $3,780 on Hard, and $4,200 on Impoppable.




Targeting Priorities[]

Monkey Bank, which stores money in its bank account, does not have a real targeting priority. Instead, it has different buttons that alter its behavior.

Monkey Bank comes with two "targeting priorities" by default: Collect, and Collect All. "Collect" withdraws all money from the current Bank, while "Collect All" withdraws all money from all Banks (including IMF Loans) on screen.


Updated as of Version 32.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-3-X) $2,975 $3,500 $3,780 $4,200 -
Total (0-3-0) $4,970 $5,850 $6,320 $7,020 $3,479 $4,095 $4,424 $4,914
Crosspath (1-3-0) $5,395 $6,350 $6,860 $7,620 $3,777 $4,445 $4,802 $5,334
Crosspath (2-3-0) $5,905 $6,950 $7,510 $8,340 $4,134 $4,865 $5,257 $5,838
Crosspath (0-3-1) $5,180 $6,100 $6,590 $7,320 $3,626 $4,270 $4,613 $5,124
Crosspath (0-3-2) $5,350 $6,300 $6,805 $7,560 $3,745 $4,410 $4,764 $5,292

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: FlatPackBuildingsIcon.png Flat Pack Buildings, FarmSubsidyIcon.png Farm Subsidy, BetterSellDealsIcon.png Better Sell Deals



Monkey Bank's main prowess comes from storing cash over long periods of time. When stored until max capacity, the Monkey Bank becomes one of the most efficient income producers in the entire game. In order to make the most of the Monkey Bank, it is best placed as early as possible without neglecting mid-game defense. Between Rounds 20-30 is generally the best time to start off the first Monkey Bank.

The main disadvantage of the Monkey Bank, however, is that early withdrawals harm its overall income generation efficiency. By having a good defense, the player will be able to keep the Monkey Bank's bank account stored for longer periods, for a far better reward in the long run.

Generally, one should buy more and more banks rather than purchase IMF Loan (or most other income sources, even). This is in order to capitalize on Monkey Bank's incredible efficiency, which is almost incomparable to most other income sources in the game.


  • 2-3-0 is usually far superior over 0-3-2, due to the 2-3-0 Bank's far greater income gain per round. 0-3-2 is still a very viable option once a decent income flow begins, as the top path requires additional management compared to the benefit of automatic withdrawals from Banana Salvage.
  • A single 0-3-X Monkey Bank will reach maximum capacity at the same time as a 2-4-0 IMF Loan in almost all conditions. If the player is upgrading your banks to IMF Loan, having a 0-3-1 Monkey Bank helps to indicate when all banks are full without having to individually check on them.
  • The BiggerBanksIcon.png Bigger Banks MK increases bank capacity by +$2,500, from $7,000 to $9,500, which greatly improves the Monkey Banks farming potential.
  • Whenever using Monkey Banks, always try pairing with Benjamin. On later upgrades, Level 5+ and 9+, he grants +5% and +12% income for banks, respectively.
    • Benjamin's "interest" buff appears to be erroneous. He apparently does not actually buff the interest rate, but rather improves the total value of the automatic deposits per round by a set percentage.
    • To calculate Benjamin's "interest" buff, multiply the current round's automatic deposit amount by 1.05 or 1.12, respectively, rather than adding percentages into the Bank's natural 15% interest. To reiterate, the Benjamin "interest" buff only affects the automatic deposits per round.
  • It is worth studying the rounds in the game, in order to prepare necessary defenses against possible difficult rounds and therefore reduce the risk of forcing out the bank investment too soon.


Current information provided is (currently not) valid starting from Version 26.0, with the buff to Monkey City giving automatic deposits with +15% income instead of +10%.
For all income earnings per round in history, including current and past income earnings per round, see Monkey Bank (BTD6)/Efficiency.

Income earning per round (26.0-Present)[]

As of Version 26.0, Monkey City now has its bonus income buff improved from +10% to +15%, which subsequently changed the total stored income for Banks with City buff compared to without. Otherwise, Banks without that buff are the same.

Note: The table assumes that the Monkey Bank has been initially upgraded before the first round starts and that the result is given as when the round has ended (After interest has been applied).

Also assumes that the BiggerBanksIcon.png Bigger Banks MK is active.

Round number 0/3/x 1/3/0 2/3/0 0/3/x + Benjamin Lvl 5 1/3/0 + Benjamin Lvl 5 2/3/0 + Benjamin Lvl 5 0/3/x + Benjamin Lvl 9 1/3/0 + Benjamin Lvl 9 2/3/0 + Benjamin Lvl 9
1 $264 $310 $356 $277 $326 $374 $296 $348 $399
2 $568 $668 $766 $597 $700 $804 $637 $748 $858
3 $918 $1,078 $1,237 $964 $1,132 $1,299 $1,029 $1,208 $1,386
4 $1,320 $1,550 $1,780 $1,386 $1,627 $1,869 $1,479 $1,736 $1,994
5 $1,783 $2,093 $2,403 $1,872 $2,198 $2,523 $1,997 $2,345 $2,692
6 $2,315 $2,718 $3,120 $2,431 $2,853 $3,276 $2,593 $3,044 $3,495
7 $2,927 $3,436 $3,945 $3,073 $3,608 $4,142 $3,278 $3,849 $4,419
8 $3,630 $4,262 $4,893 $3,812 $4,475 $5,138 $4,066 $4,774 $5,481
9 $4,439 $5,212 $5,984 $4,661 $5,472 $6,283 $4,973 $5,837 $6,702
10 $5,370 $6,304 $7,238 $5,638 $6,619 $7,600 $6,015 $7,061 $8,107
11 $6,440 $7,560 $8,680 $6,762 $7,938 $9,114 $7,213 $8,468 $9,500
12 $7,670 $9,005 $9,500 $8,054 $9,455 $9,500 $8,591 $9,500
13 $9,086 $9,500 $9,500 $9,500 $9,500
14 $9,500
Profit Per Round (1 round Early) ~$699


~$789 ~$671 ~$788 ~$829 ~$716 ~$770 ~$811
Profit Per Round (Capped) ~$679 ~$731 ~$792 ~$731 ~$731 ~$792 ~$731 ~$792


And with City buff:

  • Note that as of 31.2, Monkey City does not seem to interact with Banks at all. Banks (or any of its upgrades) placed within range of a Monkey City will not generate additional income compared to one without. It is yet unknown whether this is a bug or an undocumented nerf.

Version History[]

Monkey Banks are arguably one of the most cost-efficient income production towers in the whole game, especially with both its snowball income potential and its relatively lower micromanagement requirement. The Monkey Bank upgrade was nerfed multiple times in many different updates because of how cost-effective it was, although the addition of Benjamin and Bank Deposits has somewhat softened those nerfs. It was majorly nerfed again when the Monkey Bank's Bank Deposits privilege was revoked but left for IMF Loan.

  • Nerf Cost of Monkey Bank increased ($2800 → $3200).
  • Buff Addition of Benjamin the Code Monkey, who is able to increase the Bank interest rate.
  • Nerf Cost of Monkey Bank increased ($3200 → $3300).
  • Nerf Monkey Bank Max capacity lowered to $7,000.
  • Nerf Monkey Bank bonus income reduced (+$160 → +$150).
  • Buff Added Monkey Knowledge Point "Bank Deposits": this MK allows the player to deposit money into the Monkey Bank, earning interest over time.
  • Nerf Deposits do not gain income until 1 round after being deposited.
  • Buff [Undocumented] Monkey Bank with EZ Collect (or Banana Salvage) will now glow upon detecting full once it adds another pocket of cash, rather than only just after the round it becomes full.
Monkey Bank is just too stonks even without Benjamin. This nerf shouldn't hurt it too much, but will make it snowball a little bit slower and balance with the other paths better.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Monkey Bank costs more ($3300 → $3500).
Given the relatively low value and use case of upgrading Banks further to IMF Loan, the overall incredible power of the Bank Deposits MK on Banks, and the fact that Banks are majorly considered to be the most powerful farm; we have decided to limit this incredibly powerful Knowledge point [sic] until the IMF Loan to both reign it in and give a little more back to that lacking T4 upgrade.
~ Ninja Kiwi
Banana Farm's xx2 upgrade is the inferior crosspath, so we've amped up the utility with the lazy aspect so that if it's going to be inferior for production, it's at least going to be extra lazy & less far behind. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Banana Salvage
  • Buff 0-3-2 Monkey Bank now autocollects at the end of the round it fills with no delay


When the Bank's balance is collected until Version 14.0:

When the Bank's balance is collected since Version 31.0:


Official artwork[]


  • On Version 14.0 and later, Monkey Banks and their subsequent upgrades do not make bank collection sounds when collecting their accounts.
    • Interestingly enough, the autocollection from crosspathing with Banana Salvage didn't make an autocollection sound either, even before Version 14.0.
  • The name "Monkey Bank" is a play on "money bank".
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's May 7th 2021 blog, the monkeys inside Monkeys Banks profit by means of investing on "quantum markets". Automatic depositing in the Monkey Bank apparently allows monkeys investing on those markets to profit even within a short amount of time of leaving their deposits in the Bank. The same should apply to manual deposits, although it will take one additional round after depositing before the interest of manual deposits can begin due to the Version 19.0 Bank Deposits nerf.
  • Monkey Bank has the only upgrade icon that represents a non-mythical animal other than monkeys. In this case, that upgrade icon features a pig, representing a piggy bank.

Other Sources[]