For the BTD6 counterpart, see Monkey Bank (BTD6).
For the Bloons Monkey City city building, see Monkey Bank (BMC).

Monkey Bank as seen in BTD5 Flash

Monkey Bank is the 3rd upgrade on Path 2 for Banana Farm in Bloons TD 5. When a Banana Farm gets upgraded to Monkey Bank, the farm becomes a bank controlled by monkeys. The Monkey Bank no longer drops bananas but instead generates money throughout the round, which is placed in its very own "bank account", separate from that of other Monkey Banks.

Description[edit | edit source]

It costs $3,570 on Easy, $4,200 on Medium, $4,535 on Hard and $5,040 on Impoppable. It generates $450 per round which can be upgraded to $490 and $630 with the More Bananas and Banana Plantation upgrades, respectively. You may withdraw this fund at any time and the bank will hold up to $5,000. In Bloons Monkey City, the capacities and generation is increased by 50%. At the end of each round, the currently stored balance earns TBA% interest.

Be aware that selling a Monkey Bank will not withdraw its cash, so before selling any Monkey Bank, it is advised to always withdraw the cash from such Monkey Banks before selling them.

Efficiency[edit | edit source]

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Overall efficiency[edit | edit source]


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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It can be quite useful if players have Dartling Guns, because of having to hover the mouse over the Monkey Bank less often than if you decide to buy a Banana Republic.
  • In BTD5, when upgraded to a Banana Investments Advisory, it gains money over twice as fast and can hold four times the cash, increasing the effectiveness.

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