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For the Banana Farm upgrade, see Monkey Bank (BTD5).

The Monkey Bank in Bloons Monkey City is a City Cash storage building in Bloons Monkey City that takes up one piece of land, which initially is able to hold City Cash1500 , but can be upgraded to hold more if more City Cash is spent (note: banks do not automatically fill up). Costing City Cash750 to buy, the upgrades are much more expensive. Level 8 is currently the max upgrade (Level 4 in Mobile). The costs for the subsequent upgrades are:

Upgrade Level City Level Cost Capacity Time Experience Cost per Capacity Increase
1 1 City Cash750 City Cash1500 00:25:00 200 City Cash0.5
2 15 City Cash7000 City Cash4500 04:00:00 200 City Cash2.33
3 20 City Cash30000 City Cash9000 16:00:00 400 City Cash6.67
4 25 City Cash60000 City Cash15000 36:00:00 1000 City Cash10
5 26 City Cash100000 City Cash25000 48:00:00 1000 City Cash10
6 27 City Cash150000 City Cash35000 48:00:00 1000 City Cash15
7 28 City Cash250000 City Cash50000 72:00:00 1000 City Cash16.67
8 30 City Cash400000 City Cash75000 72:00:00 1000 City Cash16

When a city in Bloons Monkey City has just been made, one Money Bank can be purchased, and one more in Level 3 and every 3 levels after that. When all banks are full, no more City Cash can be collected from Banana Farms, Contested Territory winnings, or even by spending Bloonstones, and the only ways to get more are to get a City Cash20,000 bounty card from Monkey Knowledge Packs, attack or defend land, pillage, treasure chests, special tiles, get milestone awards from Contested Territory or bosses, demolishing buildings or use CoinsIcon.png50 to buy a Monkey City Starter Pack (City Cash6000 and BloonstoneIcon.png500 ).

Also, the Special Item "Magic Banana Bag" can be collected from Treasure Chests or Special Missions, acting as a non-upgraded Money Bank, used both in the two cities Grassy Pass and Bloon Dunes. However, it cannot be upgraded to hold more. There also is only one Magic Banana Bag for each player.

In MvM, city cash stolen after an MvM raid (Flash):

  • City Cash is stolen is based on the level of monkey banks.
  • For level 1, it's 50% of its capacity (750).
  • For level 2, it's 40% of its capacity (1800).
  • For level 3, it's 33% of its capacity (2970).
  • For level 4, it's 25% of its capacity (3750).
  • For level 5 and above, it's 20% of its capacity (so 5000, then 7000, 10000, and 15000).