" Generates a small amount of Hero XP every round. "
~ Bloons Tower Defense 6 description

Monkey Academy is an unreleased support tower found in the game files of Bloons TD 6.


Path One

Upgrade Description
Military EfficiencyEdit

Nearby Military Monkeys take up less space.

Wider Influence
Increases range.
Gives extra lives for bloons popped.
Military Barracks
Military Monkeys within range get higher range, pierce, and sell price.
Military HQ
All Military Monkeys get a large range, pops, and damage buff.

Path Two

Upgrade Description
Magic Sciences
Magic Monkeys within range get extra pierce and attack speed.
Academic Network
Increases range for all Academies w/ this upgrade.
Wizards Library
Wizards, Druids, and Alchemists can get up to tier 2 on all paths.
Magic Arcanum (Ability)
Summons a powerful Monkey based on which Magic Monkeys are nearby.
Nexus Crucible (Ability)
Ability lasts forever.

Path Three

Upgrade Description
Private Tuition
Generates more Hero XP per round.
Heroic Presence
Grants +15% range to nearby Heroes.
Heroic Academy
Reduces the cooldowns for your Hero's abilities.
Power Hero Development (PhD)
Generates lots of extra XP per round for your Hero.
Dynamic Duo
Allows you to have two Heroes instead of one.

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