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Miguzepinu's strategy[]


A placement of the towers in this strategy of Money Management.

  1. Start with 2 dart monkeys
  2. Upgrade the farm to More Bananas
  3. Upgrade one dart monkey to (0-3)
  4. Get another (1-0) farm. You may want to use road spikes during this time.
  5. Upgrade the other dart monkey to (0-3)
  6. Buy a (2-0) glue gunner set to "Strong" near the start.
  7. Buy another (1-0) farm and then upgrade all farms to (2-0). If you want NLL, it's important to spike the ceramics.
  8. Upgrade the glue gunner to (2-2).
  9. Buy another (2-0) farm
  10. Buy a Super Monkey in the middle of the map, set to "strong". Upgrade to (2-3).
  11. If I remember correctly, a camo lead appeared around this time, or perhaps before. Use a pineapple and two road spikes on it.
  12. Buy a (0-2) Village so it affects all of the towers. It doesn't have to be near farms.
  13. Buy 4 more (2-0) Farms. When M.O.A.B.s come, switch the target priority of the Robo-Monkey to "First"
  14. Buy another (2-3) Super Monkey. You can also upgrade the Village to (1-2).
  15. WIN!