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Mondrian is a track in Bloons TD Battles.


This track appears to be set on an abstract painting, consisting of desaturated rectangles in blue, red, yellow, and grey, with the bloons' path is marked by white lines. The bloons enter at the top in the right entrance for both screens. After that, the bloons go downwards and leftwards, to then do an entire loop before going a few more time leftwards and take the other path which serves as an exit.

In Assault mode, sent bloons will appear from the bottom, doing the opposite path compared to normal, partly meeting the normal bloons' path.

This track is a quite good place for Banana Farms and Mortar Towers and, due to the loopy path, various towers with big range like Super Monkeys. The track is also good for utilising Tack Shooters, due to their strengths being utilised with the various corners around this track. However, the very short paths make the player require to think carefully before placing. There aren't very good Spike Factory placements and there's no water so the player can't place Monkey Buccaneers.

Interestingly, in Bloons TD Battles Mobile, the bloons will loop the loops twice instead of once; thus rendering it one of the shortest maps in Bloons TD Battles Flash. The paths are also longer.