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Moe can use his robotics knowledge to create an army of bloon popping MOs.
~ BATTD description
~ Short description

In-game info for Moe

Moe (for more information, see Moe) is an Epic Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that costs $800 to place. Unlike other allies, Moe himself does not attack bloons but rather summons offensive MOs in his range that can attack bloons. He can be equipped to Finn, Dungeon Finn, Jake, and Tuxedo Jake.

The MOs initially have 2 pierce, 1 damage and a damage type of Energy Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen).



  • Creates MOs to fight for him


  • Cannot attack without summoning a SMO


  • SMO Upgrade ($400): Some extra tinkering gives SMOs increased range and pierce [+TBA range, +TBA pierce]
    • Faster Processors ($610): New Hardware gives SMOs increased attack speed [SMOs have +TBA speed]
      • Speedy Engineering ($1,000): Moe creates new SMOs quicker [Moe has +TBA speed]


Moe serves a niche function of creating more disposable sub-towers (along with Party God) to absorb the chances of Magic Man taking away the most important towers in Martian Games events.

Moe's range indicator reflects the main spawn radius of his SMO units. SMOs can also be spawned outside of Moe's range in random locations along the track regardless of Moe's positioning or line-of-sight, allowing him to be placed in otherwise-unusable locations.



  1. Not stated in his information screen, it just simply saying "N/A".
  2. Affects SMO summoning speed