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MochiCoins used to be a form of currency used by MochiGames and Ninja Kiwi that you could purchase with real-world money or you earn by completing offers. They were used to buy premium content. They had been used in Bloons TD 4, Bloons TD 4 Expansion, and Bloons 2. Purchasing MochiCoins is no longer possible as they have been discontinued as of October 5th, 2012.

MochiCoins have been discontinued as of October 15th, 2012, but can be traded in for NK Coins anytime for the rate of 80 MochiCoins to CoinsIcon.png1 (though sometimes, you can get more than that rate). However, since MochiGames has shut down their servers since 2014, it is now impossible to convert MochiCoins to NK Coins.


MochiStore before its closure

  • Bloons 2 has not updated to allow the use of NK Coins; it still shows that it requires MochiCoins to purchase Premium Upgrades. Thus, premium upgrades cannot be bought in Bloons 2.
    • Ninja Kiwi does not plan to fix this issue in that game.