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When darts won't cut it, call in the big guns with an additional missile attack!
~ BATTD description

The Missile is a Super Rare Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.


The "Missile" trinket launches a continuous barrage of missiles at bloons on the track. It has unlimited range, and its target priority is inherited from its equipped character. This attack will be active as long as the character is on the field.

The Missile changes Damage Types depending on what type of bloon it hits. Its type is Shatter Shatter Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Frozen) when attacking DDTs and is Explosion Explosion Type (pops White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) against any other bloon.

Missile properties[]

  • Speed: 1
  • Range: Unlimited range
  • Damage: 1, 30 to MOAB-Class Bloons
  • Pierce: 8
  • Target priority is inherited from its equipped character.
  • Slow Projectile Speed - targets center of bloons and can miss


  • The Missile's firing speed is affected by other trinkets equipped. As a result, it is best paired with speed-boosting trinkets like Baker's Shard.
    • Caveat: Speed-boosting items that have a condition attached of a certain type of character present within range do not buff Missiles. Especially true for Black Bow Tie and Cursed Ice Ring.
  • Missile's firing speed is unaffected by upgrades that only decrease the attack cooldown of a character's base attack. It is, however, affected by Finn's Royal Promise, Water Nymph, and Lemonhope, as those are an attack speed buff rather than a simple attack cooldown reduction. Thus, equipping this on Finn is generally the most effective first choice for this trinket.
  • All other stat increases or effects, such as Engineers Blueprints, will not enhance the Missile.
    • As such, it doesn't work with any cash increase for melee characters or even Banana Replicator.
  • It's amazing against ZOMGs and BAD though, so for round 60+ it's a very good trinket.
  • Due to its irregular damage typing, trinkets or weapons granting lead popping power allows the Missile to damage DDTs.
  • Interesting Interactions:
    • Can pop Zebra and Black bloons while held by Ice King.
    • Can't pop Black and Zebra bloons when on Commander Cassie with "Bloontonium Tips" upgrade, which is supposed to give her ability to pop every bloon type, but apparently not for Missile itself.
    • Seemingly: explosive projectiles hit all bloon types with black property, at least including zebra included when equipped with Dagger of Chilled Glass on the same character.

Version History[]


  • NERFcan no longer trigger special effects from other items (e.g. the insta-kill effect of the 4D sword)



  • The Missile will target any bloon, and can even hit camo if its equipped character cannot detect camo. It will mostly act like bloontonium missile that can pop black and zebras at least on Ice King, possibly with Commander Cassie's Bloontonium Tips upgrade too. Otherwise it can't pop black or zebras by itself.
    • However, as it only uses physical damage, it can't pop ghost bloons on regular characters and Ice King.