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Misdirection is an ability for COBRA. It is unlocked when upgrading the COBRA 4 times on Path 2 and costs $3500. It moves the highest bloon in its range to the opponent's side. The cooldown varies based on the bloon that is moved though it generally increases the stronger the bloon is. The highest ranking bloon that Misdirection can move is a B.F.B. The bloon will be sent onto the regular bloon path and not the path of the enemy bloons. This ability works on practice mode allowing you to reach a massive round number on practice mode. There is an initial cooldown of 20 seconds before the ability can be used for a COBRA.

This is also the only way COBRAs can attack camo bloons, but this is very inefficient since it only affects one bloon at a time and can easily target a non-camo bloon by accident.

Cooldowns[edit | edit source]

Misdirection has various cooldowns. Confirmed by this NinjaKiwi forum link, the current cooldowns are:

  • Base cooldown: 20 seconds
  • BFB send: 90 seconds
  • MOAB send: 30 seconds
  • Ceramic send: 15 seconds
  • Send any other bloons below Ceramic: 5 seconds

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Generally, the Misdirection ability is best used for misdirecting BFBs.

There is simply not enough time to wait for 20 seconds to wait for the Misdirection COBRA to misdirect the BFB on time, so it's only plausible to just prepare the Misdirection in advance. It's very expensive, however, and you'd rather use the time to rush the opponent with a counter-rush than invest in misdirecting the BFB(s). But feel free to use this upgrade for countering natural BFBs on later rounds, but Misdirection should never be the way to counter a BFB if the enemy rushes you with early BFBs.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[edit | edit source]


Buff.png Misdirection ability can now target camo bloons.


Nerf.png Misdirection price increased ($3250 → $3500).


Nerf.png Initial cooldown increased (10 seconds → 20).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only upgrade in the Mobile versions of the BTD5 games to have an initial cooldown, as Supply Drop no longer has an initial cooldown.
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