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Mini Land Grab Boss Chill

Mini Land-Grab for Boss Chill

Mini Land Grab is an Event where players can earn rewards for capturing three tiles. For every three tiles captured, you get City Cash/Bloonstones/Monkey Boosts/Red Hot Spikes/Supply Crates/Boss Ability/Monkey Knowledge Pack for free.

Duration for this event is one day.


City Level Bloonstones Red Hot Spikes/Monkey Boosts Supply Crates City Cash
1-15 5 1 2 (1 in mobile) 200
16-25 8 2 4 (2 in mobile) 1000
26-35 12 3 6 (3 in mobile) 3000
36-40 20 4 10 (4 in mobile) 10000

Note that only 1 reward is active at a time (i.e. you get either BloonstoneIcon12 OR Monkey Boosts3 at city level 30, but not both). Also note that only one Monkey Knowledge Pack is earned regardless of City Level (aside from Level 12 of course).