Military Monkeys Only is a BTD6 sub-mode of the Medium Difficulty and is unlocked by beating Medium difficulty on the same map. It is the same as Medium, except only Military Monkeys (Sniper Monkey, Monkey Sub, Monkey Buccaneer, Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, and Mortar Monkey) and the selected hero is allowed for use. Other Medium mode rules still apply here.


  • It is more difficult on maps that have little or no water, because the player will not be able to use Monkey Buccaneers or Monkey Subs (unless they use Portable Lakes). In those cases, the player will only be allowed to place Sniper Monkeys and the hero at the start of the game unless proper Monkey Knowledge is utilized.
  • It is most vital to use Heli-Pilots and Monkey Aces for main defense on maps without water, especially with Apache Dartship and Spectre.
  • Having the Military Conscription and Advanced Logistics Monkey Knowledge will help with this game mode as it makes the Military towers cost less to place. With enough Monkey Knowledge, it is possible to start maps with a Heli Pilot.


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