Military Monkeys Button

Military Monkeys are the second category of towers in BTD6. They are unlocked at Level 7, when all Primary Monkeys are unlocked. There are 7 Military Monkeys in the game: Sniper Monkey, Monkey Sub, Monkey Buccaneer, Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, Mortar Monkey, and Dartling Gunner. The common traits shared by all Military Monkeys is that they feature a particular long-ranged advantage in some way shape or form, as well as having a completely unique base attack style depending on a particular tower.

Military Monkeys affect the sacrifice categories for Sun Temple and True Sun God (and by extent, Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey too). Military Monkeys possess no class-exclusive benefits, although the two only water-based towers (Monkey Subs and Monkey Buccaneers) can benefit from Carrier Flagship or Admiral Brickell if placed on water, and likewise Carrier Flagship can buff Monkey Aces regardless of where the landing pads are placed. Military Monkeys can also be placed on the green emblem on the map Encrypted. On Military Monkeys Only, a sub-mode on Medium Difficulty, the only available towers to place are all the Military Monkeys and the selected Hero.

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