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Military Conscription is one of the final upgrades in the Military Monkey Knowledge Tree, along with Advanced Logistics and Big Bloon Sabotage. When activated, it will reduce the cost of the first Military Monkey that is purchased to two-thirds of its initial purchase value. It requires Trade Agreements, requires 14 points purchased into the skill tree before speccing into, along with BloonjaminsIcon.png1000 as a one-off purchase.


The following are prices for each Military Monkey under the effect of Military Conscription:

Tower Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Sniper Monkey $200 $235 $255 $280
Monkey Sub $185 $220 $235 $260
Monkey Buccaneer $285 $335 $360 $400
Monkey Ace $455 $535 $580 $645
Heli Pilot $910 $1070 $1160 $1285
Mortar Monkey $425 $500 $545 $605
Dartling Gunner $TBA $TBA $TBA $TBA

See Advanced Logistics #Prices to see prices when both this and Military Conscription are under effect.


Military Conscription has a very straight forward function, which is to decrease the purchase price of the first Military Monkey purchased in a single game.

  • This Monkey Knowledge works best at the start of the game, as it allows you to place any Military Monkey – except for the Heli Pilot and Dartling Gunner ( If you don't have More Cash ) – at the start of a game on almost any difficulty, including Impoppable. The only exception to this is Half Cash mode.
  • The Heli Pilot is the tower that benefits the most from this Knowledge, so it may be wise to save up for it instead of buying a different Military Monkey first.
  • In the absence of starting with a Heli Pilot, the Dartling Gunner is the second-best starting option. Monkey Ace and Mortar Monkey are both not nearly as reliable, but using either one of them can still work for the early-game too.

Version History[]

Military Conscription was nerfed due to being too strong at affording Heli Pilot in the first rounds.
Nerf Discount for first Military Monkey each game has been reduced from 50% → 33%


  • Prior to version 17.0 nerf, it was possible to purchase a Heli Pilot at the start of any game mode other than Impoppable as long as you had the More Money knowledge active. Following the discount nerf, along with the initial price increase of the Heli-Pilot, this is no longer possible, except on Easy Mode, but only if Advanced Logistics and More Cash is active too.