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For the damage type granted by this upgrade, see Metal Freeze (damage type).
Can freeze and pop Lead Bloons.
~ BTD6 description

Metal Freeze is the second upgrade of Path 1 for the Ice Monkey in BTD6. It allows Leads to become frozen and popped by the Ice Monkey. This upgrade inherits the effects of Permafrost.

It costs $255 on Easy, $300 in Medium, $325 on Hard, and $360 on Impoppable.



Metal Freeze gives the lead-popping power that the default Ice Monkey generally lacks. An Ice Monkey used for early lead-popping power isn't as reliable as alternate options, but it does come with the Permafrost effect for further slowing down bloons. As for higher-tier upgrades, this upgrade is generally reserved for Icicle Impale to damage DDTs in the absence of a Monkey Intelligence Bureau or without Acidic Mixture Dip spam.


  • It is not very reliable at popping Lead Bloons, but it is never a bad option for countering Lead Bloons, as its Permafrost effects can come in handy for certain occasions, especially versus incoming Ceramics.
  • Metal Freeze is generally used with Icicle Impale sometimes when direct DDT-popping power is required.
  • Adding this with Cryo Cannon allows a 2-0-3 Cryo Cannon to deal Round 63 quite effectively by popping the Leads and slowing the Ceramics.
  • The icicle spikes from Icicles are not affected by this upgrade, but only to the ice blasts.
  • Because of the Version 25.0 reworks, Metal Freeze is required for Snowstorm ability to freeze Leads and DDTs, unless given Acidic Mixture Dip. Likewise occurs for Icicle Impale.

Version History[]

Most buffs to Metal Freeze are simply inherited from Permafrost. No changes that are significant enough to change viability of the Metal Freeze upgrade itself.