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  • Please do not create a page which contains questions. Pages in this wiki are supposed to describe the content of the Bloons franchise. Instead, questions like these should be asked in Special:Forum or in somebody's message wall.

    Anyways, lemme answer your question. To make a custom font (specifically, the fonts in BestBMCplayer's page), all you have to do is copy the following markup. Replace Alpha with the text you want to add:


    <div style="font-family:'Gabriola'; font-size:150%">Alpha</div>

    Segoe Script:

    <div style="font-family:'Segoe Script'; font-size:100%">Alpha</div>

    Segoe Print:

    <div style="font-family:'Segoe Print'; font-size:100%">Alpha</div>

    Note: The Gabriola font is by default too small, so that's why its font size property has a higher value than the other fonts.

    Hope this helped!

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    Hi, Timocomlitaprowikia!

    Welcome to Bloons Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:IMG 7030.png page.

    Please leave a message on my Message Wall if I can help with anything!

    Happy editing,
    SW8573 (talk) 17:02, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

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