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  • Bio I've been gaming since playing Crash Bandicoot: Warped at 6 years old, and my favorite game of all time is now Metal Gear Solid 3, while my favorite series is Final Fantasy. I've also been wiki-ing since a long time, so you'll find me writing and coding throughout the site.
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  • Is there a way to convert all Message Wall messages into Wikipedia-esque Talk Pages? Knowing that Message Walls will eventually be fully retired inevitably, I would like to know how to convert Message Wall messages into Wikipedia-eque Talk Pages. I hear it's possible to change Message Wall messages into those types of talk pages that Wikipedia has, so I hope to hear some information regarding possibility of this type of message conversion.

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    • I would hope that Fandom Staff will definitely attempt an automated Message Wall post migration to User Talk soon. I reckon it should be a top priority once they have that Forum stuff sorted.

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    • Yeah agreed, the transition should be as smooth as possible, and they'll definitely need options for those who want to just migrate to user talk. I'll keep asking around, and if something does come up then I'll let you know.

      During the time, I'll obviously be around to help, just let me know!

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  • How do I edit the fillable edit summaries? I want to learn how to make my own custom edit summaries that I can click on without needing to type so much on the keyboard in the future.

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