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  • I live in Czech Republic, Central Europe
  • My occupation is IT manager (employed), outsourcing IT services (part-time, self-employed)
  • I am Male

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If you need help, you can leave me a message on this page, but please check my FAQ first as you may find your answer there or you can get a tip where to ask to get a better answer. When contacting me, feel free to talk with me in English, Czech or Slovak languages. If I'm not available, you can find a list of the local helpful persons on Bloons Wiki:Administrators.

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I just want to ask my question without reading this FAQ
Basically, it is not a problem for me, but people usually want to prevent an embarrassing situation when they ask a question and they get an answer like "ehm, this is explained in the FAQ". So, I believe it is in your own interest to read it (at least search the questions/topics please).
I think this FAQ is too long
Sorry, I want to save your time spent by waiting for my answer, so I'm trying to answer really every typical question here.
Please, try to read at least the questions/topics. I will come with a "TL;DR" verion of this FAQ eventually.
I have found a game bug, I can't log in into a game, I have connection problems, …
Sorry, we are not Ninja Kiwi, so we can't help you with these problems. Please, contact Ninja Kiwi directly on
Remember that the issue can be also caused by your internet connection or your computer / web browser. Before contacting anyone else, always eliminate the possibility of the local source(s) of problems.
I have found an interesting game news somewhere outside of Bloons Wiki
Excelent! If you found an information about a new Bloons-related game or an update or so, and you believe it may be interesting for others, feel free to share it on Bloons Wiki and BTD News board together with a link to the source where you get the information from and contact any active Admin or Discussions Moderator to highlight it. Or just contact me on my wall.
I would like to propose a change in some game, I would like to share my interesting idea, …
If you want to have an impact on the game development, contact Ninja Kiwi on
If you just want to share you idea, then you can create a blog post or post you ideas on Game Suggestions board. You can also join some fanon oriented wiki, especially when you have more ideas to share.
I would like to play a game with you
I don't play Bloons TD Battles, but if you want to play a co-op game in Bloons TD 5 (Flash or Android) or Bloons TD 6, then contact me on my wall.
I would like to discuss game strategies, I can't beat a certain map/mission/level, …
Please, contact the community on General Discussion board and discuss your problem there.
I think some info should be added/changed/removed on some page
Feel free to do your contribution yourself. If you are not sure whether your information is correct or not then contact us on Wiki Improvements board.
I would like to propose a systematic change on Bloons Wiki
Nice! Ideas what to improve are always welcome. Contact us on Wiki Improvements board. If you want to discuss it with me directly, then feel free to contact me on my wall.
I would like to copy something from you or this wiki to my profile or my wiki
Basically, it is not a problem if you copy our templates, coding, or so. Just please give us credits. If I decided to copy something from you or your wiki, I would do the same for you. Also, I will be glad if you contact me on my wall and let me know you are planning to copy something from me or from us.
I have found a vandalism or a spam
Please, undo the bad edit and report it on Report Spam/Vandalism thread.
I want some user rights on this wiki
Please, read Make me a General blog post.
I would like to help this wiki
Excelent! An article editing is the main area where you can help, but there are also other ways how to be useful. You can help others by answering their questions on the forum. You can also check From the community page for any positions we are looking for. Or just contact me on my wall for any further tips what to do.
I have problems with userboxes
See User templates page, and especially read Important Notes there. If you didn't find your answer, then read it again and carefully please.
I want more friends on Ninja Kiwi
If you want me as your NK friend, feel free to send me a friend request on my NK profile: Spike144.
I got blocked by you or some other admin
When you are blocked, you can usually still use your message wall. The admin who has blocked you usually follows your wall, so you can try discuss your block there, but remember that a negative behavior won't work, so don't try anything like: "OMG, WHY I GOT BLOCKED?", "I WANT TO GET UNBLOCKED!", "UNBLOCK ME!", …
If you are blocked even on your message wall, then you can contact me on Community central. Anyways, remember that a negative behavior there has usually much stronger impact on you and you can get even globally blocked within the whole Fandom network.
My edit was prevented by Abuse filter
Don't try to save/publish your contribution again and follow the abuse filter's warning message. For further explanation, feel free to contact me on my wall.
I got blocked by Abuse filter
You shouldn't have ignored the abuse filter's warning message.
In a strong majority of cases, you got blocked for a good reason and there is no need to discuss it.
There is a small change that you got blocked because some abuse filter's rule didn't work as intended. In this case, I notice your block within 48 hours and unblock you. Next time, please don't ignore abuse filter's warning messages.
I need help with wikitext, HTML or CSS
Feel free to contact me on my wall. For a help with wikitext, you can also check Wikitext, Wikitext/more examples, Wikitext/link examples, Wikitext/table examples, Wikitext/tag examples, Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders/wikitext, Templates, Magic words.
I have a question related to BloonsBOT or bot edits at all
Check BloonsBOT's FAQ. If you didn't find your answer, then contact me on my wall.
I would like to know who the Bloons Wiki founder is
It is Zelda311.
I don't want unregistered users here. They come only to vandalize.
Not really. It may look so, as many of the vandal attacks are done by unregistered users, on the other hand a strong majority of unregistered users are helpful. Many users come only to do a single or small edit and the registration process would drive them away. For further info, see Should this wiki be changed in a way that all contributors have to log in?.
I have noticed somebody with a bad behavior like trolling, flaming, offending, …
Don't Feed the Trolls, don't flame the person, don't respond even with anything like "I will report you for this!", ideally don't respond at all. Instead of it, contact me on my wall and report the person.
I want to use profanity on the wiki
"One person's freedom ends where another person's freedom begins"
While you may believe it is part of your rights to offend anybody you want, others have a right to peacefully live here without being offended.
We don't allow even things such as profanity in edit summaries when reverting bad edits, as it is always directed against some previous editor(s). This behavior only supports flaming and trolling and it never brings anything good. Whenever a profanity is allowed in the community, it always attracts people who come only to offend somebody.
If you still believe you "need" to use profanity, there are thousands of communities across the internet where it is allowed, so feel free to join them and curse like a pirate captain there.
I would like to chat with you
This community has its own Discord server, you can find us on Just remember: If you have nothing to talk about, don't expect that others are here to entertain you.
If you want to talk to me directly, you should know I live in Central Europe, so I won't respond when there is a night in my location. Also, don't send me a friend request on Discord when I don't know you.
I don't understand what that your “guestbook” is good for
Institutions such as galleries or museums have often a book where guests can share their expresions related to the exposition they just saw. They can also just sign the book to say "I was here". We are not either a gallery or a museum but I like guestbooks and I like to see other people's wiki signatures, so I created my guestbook for a similar purpose: You can sign it to show "you were here" and to show your signature to the public.
I would like to know what your nickname “Spike144” means
"Spike" is a nickname which I adopted on college, and "144" is derived from my birthday: 14.4.
I would like to know something about you
I'm Czech. I live in Czech Republic. I'm 38 years old. I work as an IT. I practice 太極拳.
I would like to know what games you play besides Bloons-related ones
I love explorative games. I play mainly strategies, RPGs and survival games, but I play other game genres too. I prefer single-player or co-op modes (no MMO games because they are too addictive for me with various daily quests, daily rewards and so). I like games with open worlds or randomly generated worlds and sandbox games. My favorite game attributes are a complex research, training or crafting system, and campaigns with a strong story. Also, I like when I can create my own levels/missions/worlds in the game and customize the game itself vastly.
Here are some of my favorite PC titles:
Archon Classic
Command & Conquer series (from original C&C to Generals + Zero Hour)
Diablo II (+ LoD)
Master of Orion II
Spore (+ Galactic Adventures)
Starcraft (+ Brood War)
Warcraft III (+ TFT)
World of Warcraft (+ BC and WotLK, anyways I don't play this one anymore as I'm trying to avoid MMORPGs because of addiction issues)
If you know any similar game that I might like, then please let me know and contact me on my wall.
I would like to know something about your avatar
Many users have very nice avatars, but it is usually difficult to recognize what is on the picture when it is reduced to a small size which is happening for example on threads or on the chat. My avatar is very simple as it was originally an icon in an old icon library created for Windows 3.1., therefore it was originally optimized for a size of 32×32px and 16 colors (namely this icon had only 4 colors). I had to redraw it completely to optimize it for the full avatar resolution of 150×150px, but it didn't lost its main advantage to be easy to recognize in smaller resolutions.
So, it doesn't mean anything like "I'm going to murder you silently", but I just like that simple picture.
I think some of these topics aren't really frequently asked questions
"Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression. The term became more frequently used to refer to the list, and a text consisting of questions and their answers is often called a FAQ regardless of whether the questions are actually frequently asked, if they are asked at all, or if there is even any way of asking questions."
I read the FAQ but I didn't find my answer
Feel free to contact me on my wall.
A Bloons Wiki contributor
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  • Hello Spike, I am a new person to join in! And because I will recommend bloons you have, but it is good. I will edit some pages correctly in the next minute, Spike

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  • I would like to remind you that it is recommended to keep track of the next Treasure Chest pattern in the next few days. I assume the 35-day pattern of daily rewards will continue, but I cannot be 100% sure, so keep on a lookout; I will be looking at the pattern too within the next few days too.

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  • On Category:Towers, I reckon the BTD6 section should have not just the exclusive towers, but also the updated returning BTD5 towers too. I had initially added Dart Monkey, but since I don't have any of the descriptions ready, I had left the Dart Monkey highlight as just "TBA".

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    • Yes, there could be a complete list of towers in the particular game OR info such as "towers added in ..."

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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  • I was just wondering, but is your updated Version 11.0 Chest table's data from a new account? I am just wanting to know.

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  • I would like a bot to add categories to Tier 1 to Tier 5 upgrades. I have created the categories for the Tier 1 to Tier 5 upgrades, but due to not wanting to do excessively repetitive tasks, I would like a bot to add categories to all known BTD5 and BTD6 upgrades.

    So for the BTD6 category-adding stuff, we could start off with BTD6 Dart Monkey. Sharp Shots, Quick Shots, and Long Range Darts will given Category:Tier 1 Upgrades, Razor Sharp Shots, Very Quick Shots, and Enhanced Eyesight will be given Category:Tier 2 Upgrades, etc. And then we go to the next tower Boomerang Monkey, with their respective article category updations, all the way to Monkey Village.

    And then for the BTD5 category-adding stuff, we do the same process except for BTD5 towers.

    I believe these instructions won't be too hard to code in.

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    • BTW, links on the templates are not as accurate as we thought. Several links are redirects, which is not a problem as I basically skip redirects with AWB, but several links lead to disambig pages, so the bot accidentally categorized them. I tried to fix them manually after I noticed it, but I may have missed some.

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    • Okay. Thanks.

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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  • anyway is it possible to have the bloonchipper/monkey engineer/COBRA if you play on computer at ninjakiwi?

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    • Assuming that this refers to unlocking the aforementioned upgrades on BTD5 Flash, no it is unfortunately not possible to unlock them. On BTD5 Flash, not all of the towers are available to unlock because these towers have not been made for BTD5 Flash and will likely not be added in the future.

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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  • I have updated Template:Infobox Upgrade to include upgrade statistics (pierce, range, attack speed, and damage). However, I am not quite sure what the best order of the statistics would be. So far, as seen in Snowstorm, I put in the following order: attack speed, range, pierce, and damage.

    Do you reckon it should be changed to have "pierce" first, "attack speed" after "pierce", then "damage" after "attack speed", then "range" last? That's what I think the order of the stats should be changed to.

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  • I have noticed that Frozen Over's infobox image still uses the Halloween appearance. I'm currently at my local university doing homeworks there, which means I cannot access my gaming iPhone SE to replace the File:Frozen Over Halloween.png with File:Frozen Over.png that would contain the new default Frozen Over screenshot. Is it all right if you do it for me? If not, I could always wait till the next day to upload File:Frozen Over.png to put in to the Frozen Over article.

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  • Hey Spike144! I've introduced myself at this thread, but thought I'd reach out to you as an active admin: I'm your Fandom Wiki Manager here, meaning I'm your first point of contact if you need any staff related questions. Feel free to drop me a message if you need anything!

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    • Hey, I've taken this further up the chain and explained that, and I unfortunately don't have good news. Since this hasn't been reported by any other users on Fandom and doesn't appear to be all that common, this is an edge case, and Fandom can't really justify spending engineer resources to fix it. Sadly, I don't think there's more that can be done here.

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    • Technobliterator wrote:
      … this hasn't been reported by any other users on Fandom and doesn't appear to be all that common …

      I don't understand why it has to be reported by other users, or why it not "common". It is NOT like the filter caught the edits in the descripted situations for time to time. It simply NEVER catches them.

      Technobliterator wrote:
      … Fandom can't really justify spending engineer resources to fix it …

      I have noticed the Fandom's philosophy. They concentrate on features such as the visual editor that make editing simplier and more available even to immature kids. These kids can hardly make a good contribution, but more contributions mean more cash for the company. Therefore, attempts to prevent immature actions such as fixing bugs in the abuse filter reduce the company's income.

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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  • At the time of your uploading of the Spring Spring file, it was Easter time, which as a result showed the temporary Easter version of the map. Since Easter decorations are no longer on the Spring Spring map (or at least I think it does), is it all right if you upload the new default Spring Spring map screenshot again?

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