Qwertyxp2000 the second

aka Qwertyxp2000, Qwerty

  • I live in Cold Island
  • My occupation is playing the musical keyboard and editing wikis
  • I am a male Rare Deedge
Banana from more bananas
Banana from more bananas

Hello there! Talk to me whatever information that is related to my actions or edits, or simply anything that involve me, as long as they comply with the the official policies. Keep in mind the following:

  • If I deleted your page it may be because it is spam, vandalism, or fandom-only content.
  • Be aware that I also edit the My Singing Monsters Wiki and Wikipedia, as well as doing my real-life duties.
  • Avoid using insults, profanity or all-caps.
  • Be as clear as possible for what you want to see

By the way, if you were ever wondering what my blue gorilla in headphones is, it is a Rare Deedge from My Singing Monsters.

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