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  • Indeed you are right. This "Line of Sight" part might have been something I missed out when I was copying and pasting from another article.

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  • So far, I think we have done Tack Shooter, Glue Gunner, and Sniper Monkey when it comes to adding the upgrade icons into the game. If I have more time, I can try do some more addition of these upgrade icon uploads and insertions to articles, although some of those may be in a different order to yours. So perhaps we can discuss which towers you would like to update first, so that the flow of editing is smooth? How does that sound?

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    • Yeah that's fine with me. I've completed Wizard Monkey while you were completing all of those, and last I was editing I added Ninja top path. I think I'll just finish the rest of the Magic Monkeys since it just so happens that I've been doing some Magic Monkeys. 

      Also just to mention, my sandbox is actually intended to act as sort of like a checklist for the upgrade icons. According to it, Tack, Glue, Sniper and Wizard are the only towers completed. Might not have gotten all the filenames correct since I typed the whole thing across two sessions and it was really just something for convenience, but it might help for this situation.

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    • I also fully completed Engineer today.

      Also, yes, I do know your sandbox seems to appear like a checklist indeed.

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    • (*insert Animal Crossing New Leaf victory tune*)

      I finally completed Banana Farm for you. Not sure what my personal whims are looking for next when it comes to completing the towers' upgrade icons stuff, but I'm leaning towards Spike Factory.

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  • I would like to remind you that writing "lol" in the edit summaries is not an appropriate way of describing your edit. If you think something is odd regarding a previously awkward edit, just mention that the old edit was awkward and that you had fixed an issue within an article.

    Instead of how you written on this edit summary:

    idk what this is lol
    ~ "Bad" summary

    You could instead write:

    Not sure whether this information here is appropriate, but I removed them because it feels redundant to me.
    ~ Better summary
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  • I think my version is the more correct version. If you try the calculations for the True Sun God upgrade, the 0-5-0 Anti-Bloon tower, the 0-0-5 Legend of Night tower, and the four $50K supports, all of which are required to summon the Avatar of Vengeful Sun God, it should come out to the quantities that I listed at the very top of that article.

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