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  • Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

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  • Hi!

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  • Silly name!

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  • Hi, you recently created a category page Category:Special agents as a redirect leading to Category:Special Agents. What was the purpose of the category redirect? Or, what is the purpose of category redirects in general?

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    • It's just slightly faster to get there by typing a link to the redirect in the address bar because it has a lowercase "a". Other than that, I guess it's useless...

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    • Visitors neither search categories in the search bar nor link them anyhow. They only add articles to categories and click the categories from the articles to see what other pages are in the particular category.

      I would like to ask you again to stop doing any non-systematic actions.

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    • Alright, I'm sorry. :(

      Though due to a combination of IRL and personal reasons, I may not get to doing any 'cause inactivity, which will be good for the wikia. :)

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  • Hi,

    This is not my business, but I hope this can help you to prevent similar problems on BCoW in the future:

    I saw a recent activity on BCoW, and there were actions such as this one:

    The edited template itself still work correctly, i.e. it is transclused correctly, however the page with the template is broken after that contribution (see difference between rev.3815 and rev.123303). The {| symbols are not interpreted as a start of the table anymore, because they are not at the start of the line due to the <noinclude></noinclude> tag.

    I would recommend to put all categorization tags to the end of the page/template, especially when there is already the <noinclude></noinclude> tag present on the page, i.e. instead of:


    it can be


    or even better


    One must be twice more careful while performing actions with a bot account, because hundreds of pages can be damaged in a few minutes.

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    • Thanks for pointing this out. I definitely appreciate it! :D Luckily, it's easily undoable.

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    • A side note: Would the below work?

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      • There is an unclosed <noinclude> tag there.
      • Also, [[Category:Templates: instead of [[Category:Templates]].
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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your care about the forum, i.e. moving threads to the correct board or adding/changing topics so that they suit better to the discussion's name.

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  • anon@All: try having it attack a Bloon

    anon@All: you will most likely go far in the history of our wiki as a good conception artist, a good theme designer, and a good warner

    You@All: .3.

    You@All: Until my account is HAXXED!

    anon@All: all I'll be known for is getting warnings from logo

    anon@All: XD

    You@All: xD

    You@All: You're still new, ythere's still much you can do to help improve the site :3

    You@All: I'll be known as the guy who prevent everyone from posting art. :\

    You@All: according to PlantShielder that is..

    anon@All: yea, I may be staying longer than I plan to at the moment

    You@All: why are you in BCoW anyway?

    You@All: i'm curious

    You@All: you don't make conceptions

    You@All: II know you help maintain the site

    anon@All: because of my interest of wiki history

    You@All: Wiki history?

    anon@All: yea

    You@All: what do you mean?

    You@All: did you just stumble upon BCoW?

    anon@All: remember the threads about n

    anon@All: bcow and blow separating

    anon@All: that's how I found bcow

    You@All: ahhh

    You@All: yeah I noticed you were more part of BloW

    anon@All: an I started chatting because there was only one person near my time zone in skype

    You@All: huh

    You@All: cool

    anon@All: which was anom

    You@All: Anon & Anom

    You@All: I smell a Sitcom

    anon@All: after sticking around a few days, I edited the main page

    anon@All: I had a lot of meaningful edits

    You@All: and you got HOOKED

    You@All: Wiki is a hell of a drug

    anon@All: such as widgets

    anon@All: boxes

    anon@All: and the little text field that helps people create pages if they don't know how

    You@All: ooh

    You@All: you did that?

    anon@All: then, as I got familiar with the wiki, I started looking at the BCoW's histeory too

    You@All: Was BCoW A mess?

    You@All: xD

    anon@All: I found the incomplete project resurrection

    anon@All: looks like the bcow was about to become inactive forever St the time

    anon@All: *at

    anon@All: and meta proposed a resurrection plan

    You@All: ._.

    anon@All: time after, ideas started coming to me too

    anon@All: and I made my first blog

    anon@All: the title was testtesttest

    You@All: xD

    anon@All: the content was testtesttest. feel free to test in the comments.

    You@All: when you made me join BCoW

    anon@All: minutes later, I did a huge update and a rename

    You@All: I wasn't actually planning to post the Practice Bloons

    anon@All: that's now part two of project resurrection

    You@All: ooh

    anon@All: days after, logo Mae a Google plus page

    anon@All: *made

    anon@All: I was the one who made the widget

    You@All: do people use the Google Page?

    anon@All: yea

    anon@All: but we currently have other projects, so it's not top priority currently.

    anon@All: and yes, that's Martina's

    You@All: omg there are people here

    anon@All: as you can see, you found wackos real name

    anon@All: *wackys

    You@All: oh

    anon@All: anyway, you can show y r support by plusoneing and following

    anon@All: feel free to add me

    anon@All: btw, to plus one, use the widget on the main page

    anon@All: now, back to the story.

    anon@All: time after again, meta started a vote for featured conception

    anon@All: I was the one who suggested randome conceptions.

    anon@All: there was a huge argument about how many possible choices should be there

    anon@All: here's the link

    anon@All: yea, you just saw some of my code

    You@All: yes I di

    anon@All: anyway, it seems that days that, meta was discussing the future CGM in chat

    You@All: did*

    anon@All: *days after that

    You@All: hm

    You@All: a lot of people

    You@All: were disappointed

    anon@All: anyway, meta was an eleventh grader in Vietnam, which is a very difficult time

    anon@All: so she needed replacement.

    You@All: isn't she still?

    You@All: "was"

    anon@All: yea, it was recent

    You@All: don't you mean is? xD

    anon@All: ^

    anon@All: so, kamarin replaced her as a chat mod

    You@All: oh

    anon@All: you can tell she's a good choice, even her grammar is almost always perfect!

    anon@All: so, meta was discussing CGM in chat

    anon@All: people said they didn't want her to leave

    anon@All: I didn't want her to leave either

    You@All: don't worry, they got me n-shot-

    anon@All: but meta said it was a totally different topic

    You@All: out of her control :\

    anon@All: when she asked logo to be CGM, he denied

    You@All: i'm sure she'll be coming back

    anon@All: when she asked wacky, he denied.

    anon@All: then she brought up the topic of me

    anon@All: no one objected her.

    You@All: but no one was with it

    anon@All: that's when they were crazy about to wanting meta to leave

    anon@All: me too

    You@All: they didn't object but doesn't mean they weren't against it.

    anon@All: ^

    You@All: PS and SB told me

    anon@All: but I accepted because no one else has experience that isn't denying or retired

    anon@All: so that's when I became CGM and cm.

    anon@All: you may remember what I did first.

    anon@All: I resumed featured conception nomination. but elimination style this time.

    anon@All: it was a success.

    You@All: oh

    anon@All: I also permitted jokes.

    You@All: has the winner been decided yet?

    anon@All: yes, but I'm not good at descriptions

    anon@All: so I can't highlight the non jokes on th email page

    anon@All: *the

    anon@All: but the jokes are done

    You@All: hm?

    anon@All: the featured conception scion on the main page

    anon@All: *section

    You@All: coh

    You@All: right

    anon@All: then, I made a big mistake

    You@All: O.O

    anon@All: I was on another wiki, the one where I test stuff, like my theme

    You@All: uhuh

    anon@All: there, I have a bot account.

    anon@All: and I forgot to log out

    anon@All: so i accidentally logged in as a bot on bcow

    You@All: and what happened?

    anon@All: and that's what started the usertag problem

    anon@All: logo says I can't touch the usertags now.

    anon@All: and I've done a good job of obeying

    You@All: what did the bot do though?

    anon@All: it logged into chat

    You@All: and...

    anon@All: and I gave it a tag

    You@All: and...

    anon@All: logo didn't want it to have tags

    You@All: ?

    You@All: what do tags do?

    anon@All: show status

    anon@All: such as CGM, blocked, sock, cm, lg, etc

    You@All: what was so bad about it?

    You@All: oh

    anon@All: he said It seems like I'm bragging

    You@All: oooooooooooh

    anon@All: and I do t like hurting others feelings

    anon@All: *dont

    You@All: but it was a mistake

    anon@All: yea

    anon@All: anyway, I also had problems with achievements

    anon@All: I updated the picture for the baby monkey badge

    anon@All: for contributing to the wiki everyday for five day

    You@All: were you not suppose to? >_>

    anon@All: I want told before that, but I know now

    anon@All: *wasnt

    You@All: ...

    You@All: again

    You@All: simple mistakes

    anon@All: anyway, then doue's underage sister came to chat.

    You@All: they didn't need to lash it out on you

    You@All: xD

    You@All: then what?

    anon@All: and I blocked her

    You@All: Doue get mad?

    anon@All: Doue banned her from chat too

    You@All: oh

    anon@All: but there was a bad accident

    You@All: O:>

    anon@All: I don't know why but Doue was autoblocked

    anon@All: this also happened to Bramblenose

    You@All: I remember that

    anon@All: but that was on YouTube poop

    anon@All: then, I had a problem with categories.

    You@All: what happenede there?

    anon@All: logo said: When trying to implement them, I found out that I should actually do them because one may include multiple license or even custom ones. This may make the categorizing overly complicated, so I ended up not going for that. Just so that you know, those are what to be not implemented, not what not to be implemented 04:12, October 2, 2014

    anon@All: he left it unfinished.

    anon@All: so I assumed it should've been worked on

    anon@All: but it shouldn't've been

    You@All: ._.

    anon@All: anyway, I was think king if it was discontinued, it should've been deleted

    You@All: yeah

    anon@All: which is what logo did after leaving me a message

    anon@All: if only he'd done it sooner, I wouldn't have worked on it

    You@All: kind of pointless to leave something there if you're not gonna finish it... *looks at many flash vids started but never touched again*

    anon@All: anyway, this doesn't mean I always have a bad relation with logo

    anon@All: for example, we did a great collaboration with the welcome message

    You@All: I see :3


    anon@All: I did many small wording stuff, and logo made a few design overhauls

    anon@All: that's what it was in the past

    You@All: wow

    anon@All: looks like logo didn't start a div and ended by closing it twice

    You@All: XD

    You@All: I noticed that

    anon@All: so all new users were welcomed with that

    anon@All: xD

    anon@All: it made us look bad

    anon@All: but that's fine, we just started at that time

    anon@All: you may have noticed I wasn't on at that time

    You@All: August 28

    anon@All: you should see my version and later

    anon@All: that's my first welcome message edit

    You@All: good god

    You@All: almost a whole year apart

    anon@All: you can see my user name high lighted there

    anon@All: yea, IBT said it needed an update

    You@All: looks like you took over

    You@All: xD

    anon@All: nope

    anon@All: logo has been editing, but instead of reverting his too, I added

    anon@All: see logos first edit after mine

    You@All: cool

    anon@All: that's not logos first edit

    anon@All: but you get the idea

    You@All: I know

    You@All: yeah

    anon@All: so yea, you know my history on bcow now

    You@All: yeah

    anon@All: it's definitely an interesting one

    anon@All: Meta's was too

    anon@All: and love robins

    anon@All: and especially Wackycreeper15's

    You@All: Mine will be boring

    You@All: "guy gets dragged to BCoW"

    You@All: "does art"

    You@All: The End

    anon@All: yea, your new, but you can go down in history by "doing the best art"

    You@All: Doing the best art *at that time*

    You@All: during that time period***

    anon@All: wacky's history also was from blow


    anon@All: as you can see, wacky is blocked infinitely

    You@All: wait why?

    anon@All: as you can see, he changed a lot

    anon@All: btw, wacky likes farms

    anon@All: it's outdated

    anon@All: because she was blocked for a year or three

    anon@All: and will be blocked forever

    anon@All: see, it was anom who blocked him

    You@All: ?

    anon@All: see, we have logs for a lot of things.

    You@All: Why didn't he state why! D:

    anon@All: read the reasons

    anon@All: the ones below

    You@All: I see

    You@All: but

    You@All: still

    anon@All: there are more below

    You@All: I saw them

    anon@All: a lot more

    You@All: I just see those

    anon@All: at bcow, wacky got a second chance

    anon@All: but here, the admins didn't give another chance

    You@All: I see that.

    anon@All: if I ever become an admin, I may consider an u block

    anon@All: and I may consider reuniting

    anon@All: *unblock

    You@All: you might consider blocking me?

    You@All: oh

    anon@All: no, unblocking wacky

    You@All: ah

    anon@All: anyway, I also have problems on Bloons wiki

    You@All: what'd you do THERE? >_>

    anon@All: I edit messages.

    anon@All: power abuse, sort of xD

    You@All: :P

    anon@All: btw, I was just looking at the most active thread:

    anon@All: it's long.

    anon@All: more than 174 messages

    You@All: I ain't skimming through anymore threads right now

    You@All: I gotta finish this xD

    anon@All: yea, good idea.

    You@All: but do tell more stories if you got 'em

    anon@All: k

    anon@All: I think my stories will be intresting to others too

    anon@All: maybe I should write a blog?

    You@All: if you want

    anon@All: but that'll be in the future

    You@All: or at least keep them written somewhere else

    anon@All: after all, the more history, the better!

    You@All: so in the future you can simply copy and paste:3

    anon@All: hmm, is it possible to copy our chat here?

    You@All: after I close, no.

    anon@All: ok

    You@All: so

    You@All: I suggest copy it all now

    anon@All: doesn't work on iPad

    You@All: and do some heavy editting later

    You@All: oh :C

    anon@All: does it work on PC?

    You@All: yes

    anon@All: can you do it for me and message me in Bloons wiki?

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  • Hi,

    Please, stop editing your messages in coversations both on wiki threads and skype chat room. People do this only in cases they see a typo in their message or they forgot to add some information, before it is asnwered or mentioned by other people, but you have been misusing this feature. It doesn't look good, when you rewrite/remove exactly the information that is already mensioned or quoted below you message. If you try to pretend you didn't say something what you DID say, it looks like cheating people. Also, it doesn't looks good, when you change meaning of your previous messages (like this one).

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    • Thanks for bringing this up. I didn't put much thought into this before. Anyway, I'll only edit messages if the case is what's stated above from now on.

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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  • Could you help me to transfer the monkey vs monkey buildings from the bmc buildings page? I think that monkey vs monkey should have its own page

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  • my ninja kiwi accout is DartlingMonkey807411

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