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Melee is an attack style characterized as an attack that makes direct contact to the target from the attacker itself. It is a type of method of attacking. It is part of the damage types family. The only ordinary tower in Bloons TD 6 with this by default is the base Beast Handler, and is additionally limited to only the heroes Pat Fusty and Sauda, as well as the Cave Monkey. In Bloons Adventure Time TD, some Allies and Characters come with melee attacks. Though featured more prominently in the BTD6 generation, melee attacks have existed before the BTD6 generation, dating back to as early as Hot Air Bloon. In the Bloons Super Monkey series, Melee is arguably present since BSM2, although BSM1 does not feature this, as Plasma Tentacle is considered Lock-on Behavior (unspecified variant behavior)Lock-On Behavior due to its ability to damage a bloon after moving out of range.

Melee is represented on Bloons Wiki as Melee (Creates an attack within close range via melee means), the hero icon for Pat Fusty in Bloons TD 6, as he is the first in Bloons TD 6 to have this attack behavior by default. Only Pat Fusty and Sauda have melee attacks as their primary attacks. Razor Rotors and MOAB Shove's secondary attacks can be considered melee due to both involving close contact between the heli and the bloons, but their other attacks are still ranged. Ezili's attacks are considered Ranged Ranged (Creates an attack by the use of a ranged attack) despite originating from her staff, as she summons a curse on bloons, not using her staff to strike onto bloons. BTD6 Ice Monkey's blasts are Ranged Ranged (Creates an attack by the use of a ranged attack) because it attacks bloons not by physical contact with the bloons, even though these blasts originate from the act of clapping.

In Bloons TD 6, melee has no actual gameplay purpose, rather just serves as a visual representation of the attack. However, melee attacks in this game are considered "projectiles" rather than hitscan (as in Snipe Snipe), as Vortex cannot be hit by most traditionally melee attacks while it is protected by its wind shield.

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, melee attacks play a more important role for Characters, specifically because of trinkets that grant bonuses to melee attacks.

In Bloons Pop!, Monkeys and Heroes who drop into the bloon field can pop bloons with melee attacks by colliding into them. Most Monkeys and Heroes who drop into the bloon field will bounce off the bloons, but some such as Captain Churchill will charge right through them.

Melee is backported to Bloons TD 5 Mobile with the release of the Kiwi agent.

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