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All the Bloons will come under my spell
~ Quote from Mega Wizard Monkey

Mega Wizard Monkey firing magical bolts

Mega Wizard Monkey is a Mega Monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. It fires bursts of powerful magical bolts that are bigger (~1x1 projectile size instead of ~0.5x0.5), pop more bloons, and last much longer. Mega Wizard's magical bolts produce three smaller bolts for every ?? of red bloons popped. It is effective against Reds, Blues, Greens, Yellows, and Pinks, but cannot pop Purples, deals poor damage to Ceramics and Fortified, and cannot hit invisible Camo. Mega Wizard Monkey is based on the BTD6 Arcane Mastery. The entry for Mega Wizard Monkey is available upon using a Mega Wizard Monkey.


Mega Wizard Monkey is a much more powerful version of the normal Wizard Monkey that is even better as a cleanup option. It is normally a good idea to use the Mega Wizard Monkey once there are large areas of scattered bloons, so that the screen can progress downwards as low as possible. Most cases where normal Wizard Monkeys are decent at are where Mega Wizard Monkeys excel a lot in.

Compared to other Mega Monkeys, Mega Wizard Monkey does not have much of a significant strategy change compared to its normal counterpart. In fact, it is more of a better specialization of the normal Wizard Monkey designed for better widespread damage against denser and further clumps of scattered bloons.


  • Mega Wizard Monkey can be used to clear scattered bloons in Golden Bloon Time mini-game when accompanied by good grouped damage monkeys to dig the surfaces.
    • It is possible to solo with Mega Wizard by tossing it slightly in the air to give it more airtime.
  • If there are a lot of stronger bloons at the top of the screen, Mega Wizard Monkey struggles to clean up bloon clumps effectively. Thus, it is advised that the player have some weaker bloons at the top. This allows it to contribute to much higher pop combos and therefore optimize its popping power.



  • Mega Wizard Monkey lacks purple stockings and a beard as Arcane Mastery has but wears the hat of an Arcane Spike. However, the monkey has brown brushy eyebrows like the Arcane Mastery.