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Here comes the smoulder
~ Quote from Mega Super Monkey
Mega super bzzz

Mega Super shredding bloons

Mega Super Monkey is a Mega Monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. Mega Super Monkey throws 6 laser-tipped darts instead of 15 normal darts. The tips of the darts deal 1 damage per hit and each laser-tipped dart is surrounded by a radial wave of energy that continually pops bloons at a rapid rate and deal 1 damage per ~0.2s. Mega Super Monkey can pop any bloon type except invisible Camos and Lead Bloons, and does poorly versus Ceramics. Mega Super Monkey is based on the BTD6 Laser Blasts. The entry for Mega Super Monkey is available upon using a Mega Super Monkey.


Mega Super Monkey is a much more powerful version of the normal Super Monkey that is far more effective against dense groups of bloons. It can be used to mow down dense bloon terrains and reach areas of the screen that are less touchable by conventional physical methods. The power of a Mega Super Monkey is capable of creating Regrow Farms that can be used to let high-pierce monkeys and heroes rack up massive combos.

Compared to other Mega Monkeys, Mega Super Monkey has a much different strategy for optimization of the Mega Super Monkey compared to the normal Super Monkey. Trading off a slight amount of efficiency at hitting single-target bloons, it becomes much stronger at digging through bloon terrains. In a way, it tends to be a specialization of a normal Super Monkey. It is better at dealing with grouped bloons but not outright better against grouped bloons. However, it performs best when used to deal with groups of bloons, especially groups of weaker bloons.




  • On the "Merge X Monkeys" daily goals, the icon for a closeup of the BTD6 Laser Blasts is shown on those types of daily goals, probably intended to depict the Mega Super Monkey.
  • Unlike Laser Blasts, the Mega Super Monkey can pop Purple Bloons. Neither can pop Lead Bloons though.