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Oh the science!!! Having two Monkeys of the same kind in your 3 active Shots means you can Merge them. Try it now!
~ Dr. Monkey introducing the concept of merging into Mega Monkeys

Patch speaking a tip about Mega Monkeys. Sometimes says it after several levels have passed successfully.

Mega Monkeys are more powerful versions of monkeys in Bloons Pop!. They are created by merging two of the same Monkey type together. Merging monkeys does not count as a shot, so the deployment of a created Mega Monkey will only use one move at most. Access to Mega Monkeys is unlocked at Level 7.

Mega Monkeys[]


Amazing! It looks like each Monkey has unique powerful Mega Merge abilities. Patch will take notes for you in the Bloonspedia located on the Main Menu.

Aim for maximum bounces, and let's see what it does!

~ Dr. Monkey after the player makes a Mega Monkey
Remarkable! I can't wait to see what the others do.

If you see a potential Merge in your upcoming Shots, use other Monkeys until you have 2 of the same Monkey in your 3 active shots - then you can Merge! Good luck!

~ Dr. Monkey after witnessing a used Mega Dart Monkey


When monkeys are ready to merge:

When merging monkeys:



  • According to Ninja Kiwi's August 20th 2021 blog, Mega Monkeys are produced by a transformative process that merges two icons representing normal monkeys. Monkeys also go by a line-by-line process rather than literally spawning themselves upon appearance and performing literal absorption when merging.