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My particular cold is highly contagious
~ Quote from Mega Ice Monkey
Mega ice snap gold

Mega Ice Monkey freezing bloons in the Golden Bloon Time mini-game

Mega Ice Monkey is a Mega Monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. It creates much stronger ice shards that deal 2 damage (?) each and the ice shards now can spread through bloons up to approximately halfway through the screen, and the freeze lasts for TBA rounds and can partially spread to other nearby bloons too. Mega Ice Monkey is effective against Leads and Regrows. It cannot affect White Bloons or Zebra Bloons, and cannot hit invisible Camo Bloons, although visible camo bloons cannot turn invisible while coated with frozen. Mega Ice Monkey is based on the BTD6 Absolute Zero and the BTD5 Viral Frost. The entry for Mega Ice Monkey is available upon using a Mega Ice Monkey.


Mega Ice Monkey is a much more powerful version of the normal Ice Monkey that freezes many more bloons per freeze, spreading the freeze quite far provided that bloons contact nearby. The freeze is highly contagious, but it isn't unstoppable. It can be used to freeze many groups of bloons in place as well as deal a decent amount of damage on top. Its main strength is keeping the board moving and mass-preventing movement of large groups of bloons nearest the top.

Compared to other Mega Monkeys, Mega Ice Monkey specializes more against groups of bloons. Like the normal Ice Monkey, Mega Ice Monkey has a decent amount of damage within short range and is optimized for freezing bloons in place.


  • Use Mega Ice Monkey where the bloons are widespread and grouped, for maximum effect.
  • Avoid letting Mega Ice Monkey waste jumps on spaced bloons, as this would waste its immense pierce and freezing potential.
  • For advanced techniques, the Mega Ice Monkey can be thrown in an area where and while camo bloons are invisible, and with adequate timing can hit both the desired targets and the camo bloons above as they come out of invisibility.