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Did someone say, "Spikes?"
~ Quote from Mega Dart Monkey
Mega dart start

Starting off with a Mega Dart Monkey

Mega Dart Monkey is a Mega Monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. Mega Dart Monkey throws three large spiked balls that produce 3 (?) smaller spiked balls for every bounce each large spiked ball makes. Large balls deal 4 damage each while the mini balls deal 2 damage each. Mega Dart Monkey can pop any bloon type except invisible Camos or Lead Bloons. Mega Dart Monkey is based on the BTD6 Ultra-Juggernaut. However, unlike the Mega Bomb Shooter or a Mega Sniper Monkey, it does not resemble the Ultra-Juggernaut. The entry for Mega Dart Monkey is available upon using a Mega Dart Monkey.


Mega Dart Monkey is a much more powerful version of the normal Dart Monkey that is far more effective against dense groups of bloons. It creates many powerful balls, most particularly powerful when it comes to countering large groups of weak bloons. These balls can be unpredictable in how they bounce, but upon layers and layers of many weaker bloons, the Mega Dart Monkey will have no trouble mowing down a particular area that the balls happen to roll towards.

Compared to other Mega Monkeys, Mega Dart Monkey improves the original counterpart's grouped popping power more than just picking off stray bloons. As such, it is a lot different compared to its normal counterpart and is best optimized on different scenarios, that being large groups of weak bloons.

If possible, try aiming the Mega Dart Monkey into a bloon "cake layer" formation in such a way that allows the balls to evenly distribute. Use the skills from a normal Dart Monkey to help make its balls move more consistently and less lopsided at one particular area. Sometimes it is useful to intentionally make it pop many bloons on one end but not the other; executing at the right occasions is the most important to consider, especially when considering other slots in the current loadout.


  • When attempting to let the balls spread evenly, try focusing on anticipating where the large balls will hit for its first two bounces. On the contrary, when attempting to let the balls spread unevenly, try focusing opposite to the aforementioned principle.

Version History[]

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  • The large spiked balls have a distinct light blue trail to differentiate from the small spiked balls' white trails.