Mega Boosts
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Tower boost upgrades all towers to next tier in one path, Bloon Boost upgrades all bloons by one

Super Awesome Upgrades!
~ Official Description

Mega Boosts is a new club that is introduced in Bloons TD Battles. This mode can be played with arena leagues and opens for a limited time like MOAB pit and BFB colosseum like other clubs.


Gameplay of Mega Boosts. Note the towers with extreme upgrades on both sides.


  • Monkey Boost will upgrade all towers by one upgrade on their specified path but if the tower is a (0-0), (1-1), or (2-2), there is a equal chance of it upgrading on any side.
  • If you sell a tower that has been boosted you will only get back the money you spent on the tower but not the money from the boosted upgrades.
  • Boosting Blacks, Whites, and Leads will all turn them into zebras (as of version TBA).
  • Using Bloon Boosts on round 28 or 32 can be deadly as it turns the dense ceramic rushes into MOABs, making it harder to destroy.
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