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I can put a spin on anything
~ Quote from Mega Boomerang Monkey

Mega Boomerang Monkey waiting to be tossed around

Mega Boomerang Monkey is a Mega Monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. Mega Boomerang Monkey surrounds itself with orbital glaives that persistently damage bloons close by, and throws glaives with greater contact area every time the monkey itself collides with bloons. Mega Boomerang Monkey notably appears to last longer due to the fact that its orbital glaives shred bloons quick enough before it bounces of bloons, but still is limited to up to 5 bounces off bloons before it disappears. Mega Boomerang Monkey can pop any bloon type except invisible Camos or Lead Bloons, and does poorly versus Ceramics. Mega Boomerang Monkey is based on the BTD6 Glaive Lord. The entry for Mega Boomerang Monkey is available upon using a Mega Boomerang Monkey.


Mega Boomerang Monkey is a much more powerful version of the normal Boomerang Monkey that is far more effective against dense groups of bloons. It does more than catching spaced bloons as the normal Boomerang Monkey can do; the Mega Boomerang Monkey optimizes its attacks if used to shred weaker bloons as it moves around on screen. Mega Boomerang Monkey advances much better as a grouped popping option, and letting the monkey bounce off distant bloons isn't doable with Mega Boomerang Monkey due to its orbital glaives.

Compared to other Mega Monkeys, Mega Boomerang Monkey has a very significant strategy change compared to its normal counterpart. Strategies that work for the normal Boomerang Monkey, such as picking off scattered bloons, will need to be adjusted significantly for Mega Boomerang Monkey. Mega Boomerang Monkey exchanges it for much better grouped popping.


  • Mega Boomerang Monkey can both create and deal with Regrow Bloons easily. This can rack up a large combo provided there are lots of stronger Regrows.
  • Make sure to account for Mega Boomer's bounces; its orbital glaives aren't always going to shred bloons at all times.