Meerkat spy has no attack, but uses his super keen senses to spot Camo Bloons, granting Camo Detection for all towers within his radius.
~ Official BTD5 Description

The Meerkat Spy is a Special Agent costing Monkey Dollar60 in Bloons Tower Defense 5. It was released in an update on Jan 13, 2012. It does not attack but instead grants nearby towers the ability to attack Camo Bloons. It has short range but is very useful around Super Monkeys.

When purchased 50 times, it will be upgraded to the Meerkat Spy Pro, allowing it to attack bloons as well.



  • The Pontoon Pro does not grant a range boost to the meerkat spy.
  • In Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile, rather than looking around, it just stays still. It puts on its goggles the moment when (a) Camo Bloon(s) is/are present on the screen.
  • The Meerkat Spy gets a blue pair of goggles on Rounds with Camo Bloons, even before they appear.
    • This makes it very useful to anticipate rounds with Camo Bloons before they show up.
  • The slowdown effect of Arctic Wind does not occur. In comparison, camo detection from a Monkey Village does not have this limitation, and Arctic Wind will slow down camo bloons.
  • It has the same range as an x/1 Tack Shooter.
  • The Meerkat Spy moves its head from one side to the other quite suddenly each time if there are no bloons on the track.
  • The Meerkat Spy follows its head to the direction of the nearest-to-the-exit Camo Bloon if there are any.
  • In some Random Challenges in BTD5 Deluxe / Mobile, placing the free meerkat spies actually counts toward the count towards getting the pro version, meaning you can get it for free this way.