Medium moab

A Medium MOAB tile

The Medium Difficulty is a difficulty in Bloons Monkey City. It is represented on a tile with 3 yellow dots. Such tiles should be countered well by an experienced player, though it may be challenging for an inexperienced player.

Table of times before no more Medium tilesEdit

For this table, a certain level may be reached before a tile may no longer have any Medium tiles. All tiles can be marked Medium except for Red Bloon tiles.

Strongest bloon in certain type of normal tile Level at which the type of tile no longer has Medium tiles
Red N/A
Blue (Mobile only) 5
Green 11
Yellow (Mobile only) 13
Pink 20
Black 21
White 21
Zebra (Mobile only) 25?
Lead 27
Rainbow 30
Ceramic 39
MOAB Never
BFB Never
ZOMG / DDT / MOAB Pack / BFB Pack Never

Table of times for minimum tile type for Replaying Medium DifficultyEdit

Replay track

Replay Tracks at Level 28, showing a BFB for Medium Difficulty

The player may decide to replay a certain track if they wanted to. On Replay Tracks (or My Tracks), they can pick any difficulty Medium or harder, which can lead to restrictions of what specific tiles to pick as the level goes higher. This table will show the minimum tile type to expect in Medium Difficulty when replaying Tracks. Replay Tracks is unlocked at Level 10 in the Flash version, though the mobile version doesn't have a level requirement to play Replay Tracks.

Tile Type Level Requirement
Red (Mobile) 1-2
Blue (Mobile) 3
Green (Mobile) 4
Yellow (Mobile) 5
Pink (Mobile) 6-9
Black 10-11
White 10-11*
Lead 12-13?
Rainbow 14?-16?
Ceramic 17-20
MOAB 20?-24?
BFB 25?-30?
ZOMG / DDT / MOAB Pack / BFB Pack 30+?

*For some reason, this type of Replay Tracks option exists along with Black Bloons at the same level, on certain types of track.


  • In Level 19, Pink Tiles and MOAB tiles can both be marked Medium.
  • In Level 28, Ceramic Tiles and ZOMG tiles can be both of Medium Difficulty.
  • After beating some Red Bloon tiles, Green Bloon tiles will be marked Medium.
  • For some reason, at Level 28, sometimes the Replay Tracks shows the minimum bloon rank as the ZOMG instead of the normally shown BFB. As well as this, replaying a track with the ZOMG on it leads to encountering a ZOMG in the replay.
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