Medals are awarded when the player passes a track on certain difficulties. In BTD Battles, medals are earned through advancing on the Leaderboards. In BTD6, medals are earned when the player passes a map on certain difficulties or when participating in a Race Event.

Bloons TD 6Edit

  • All medals except for Black CHIMPS.
  • All medals (Black CHIMPS replacing CHIMPS)
MedalBronze MedalBronze01 MedalBronze02
MedalSilver MedalSilver01 MedalSilver02 MedalSilver03
MedalGold MedalGold01 MedalGold02 MedalGold03 MedalGold04
MedalImpoppable MedalImpoppableRuby MedalImpoppableHematite

Standard Medals are earned for a particular map on single-player mode.

MedalCoopBronze MedalCoopBronze01 MedalCoopBronze02
MedalCoopSilver MedalCoopSilver01 MedalCoopSilver02 MedalCoopSilver03
MedalCoopGold MedalCoopGold01 MedalCoopGold02 MedalCoopGold03 MedalCoopGold04
MedalCoopImpoppable MedalCoopImpoppableRuby MedalCoopImpoppableHematite

Co-Op Medals are earned for a particular map on Co-Op Mode. It is impossible to earn the Red CHIMPS Co-Op Medal, since it is impossible to quit and return back into a Co-Op game as of the current update.

MedalEventBlackDiamondMedal MedalEventRedDiamondMedal MedalEventDiamondMedal
MedalEventDoubleGoldMedal MedalEventGoldSilverMedal MedalEventDoubleSilverMedal
MedalEventSilverMedal MedalEventBronzeMedal MedalEventParticipationMedal

Participating in Race Events will reward Race Medals. Races will occur usually once per week from Friday 8:00pm NZST to Tuesday 6:00pm NZST (New Zealand time).

Bloons Adventure Time TDEdit

Normal medal Hard medal Extreme medal Impoppable medal

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, medals are earned for each sub-adventure (map). Medals for Impoppable Difficulty cannot be earned without beating Extreme Difficulty.

Bloons TD 5Edit

(Extreme Difficulty tracks award more Awesome Points)

In Bloons TD 5 there are 208 different medals to earn, counting the Reverse.

Here are pictures of the medals and Awesome Points awarded for completing the corresponding tracks in Bloons TD 5:

Track Difficulty Bronze Silver Gold
Monkey Lane Beginner Monkey Lane Bronze Monkey Lane Silver Monkey Lane Gold
Park Path Beginner Park Path Bronze Park Path Silver Park Path Gold
The Rink Beginner The-Rink-Bronze The-Rink-Silver The-Rink-Gold
Hill Giant Beginner Hill Giant Bronze Hill Giant Silver Hill Giant Gold
Sprint Track Beginner Sprint Track Bronze Sprint Track Silver Sprint Track Gold
Rabbit Holes Beginner Rabbit Holes Bronze Rabbit Holes Silver Rabbit Holes Gold
Space Truckin' Beginner Space Truckin' Bronze Space Truckin' Silver Space Truckin' Gold
Brick Wall Beginner Brick Wall Bronze Brick Wall Silver Brick Wall Gold
Z Factor Beginner Z Factor Bronze Z Factor Silver Z Factor Gold
Fireworks Beginner Fireworks Bronze Fireworks Silver Fireworks Gold
Pumpkin Patch Beginner Pumpkin Patch Bronze Pumpkin Patch Silver Pumpkin Patch Gold
Maze Beginner Maze Bronze Maze Silver Maze Gold
North Pole Beginner North Pole Bronze North Pole Silver North Pole Gold
3 Times Around Beginner 3 Times Around Bronze 3 Times Around Silver 3 Times Around Gold
Lobby Beginner Lobby Bronze Lobby Silver Lobby Gold
Skull Peak Beginner Skull Peak Bronze Skull Peak Silver Skull Peak Gold
Express Shipping Beginner Express Shipping Bronze Express Shipping Silver Express Shipping Gold
Snake River Intermediate Snake-River-Bronze Snake-River-Silver Snake-River-Gold
Bloon Circles Intermediate Bloon-Circles-Bronze Bloon-Circles-Silver Bloon-Circles-Gold
Archipelago Intermediate Archipelago-Bronze Archipelago-Silver Archipelago-Gold
Dockside Intermediate Dockside-Bronze Dockside-Silver Dockside-Gold
Slalom Intermediate Slalom bronze-1- Slalom silver-1- Slalom gold-1-
Jungle Intermediate Jungle Bronze Jungle Silver Jungle Gold
Country Road Intermediate Country Road Bronze Country Road Silver Country Road Gold
Ice Flow Intermediate Ice Flow Bronze Ice Flow Silver Ice Flow Gold
Lava Fields Intermediate Lava Fields Bronze Lava Fields Silver Lava Fields Gold
Water Hazard Intermediate Water Hazard Bronze Water Hazard Silver Water Hazard Gold
Pyramids Intermediate Pyramids Bronze Pyramids Silver Pyramids Gold
MOAB Desert Intermediate MOAB Desert Bronze MOAB Desert Silver MOAB Desert Gold
Snowflake Intermediate Snowflake Bronze Snowflake Silver Snowflake Gold
River Rapids Intermediate River Rapids Bronze River Rapids Silver River Rapids Gold
Battle Knot Advanced Battle Knot Bronze Battle Knot Silver Battle Knot Gold
Mount Magma Advanced Mount Magma Bronze Mount Magma Silver Mount Magma Gold
Switch Advanced Switch-Bronze Switch-Silver Switch-Gold
Lightning Scar Advanced Lightning-Scar-Bronze Lightning-Scar-Silver Lightning-Scar-Gold
Downstream Advanced Downstream Bronze-1- Downstream Silver Downstream Gold
The Eye Advanced Theeye Bronze-1- Theeye Silver Theeye Gold
The Great Divide Advanced The Great Divide Bronze The Great Divide Silver The Great Divide Gold
Scorched Earth Advanced Scorched Earth Bronze Scorched Earth Silver Scorched Earth Gold
Rink Revenge Advanced Rink Revenge Bronze Rink Revenge Silver Rink Revenge Gold
Dune Sea Advanced Dune Sea Bronze Dune Sea Silver Dune Sea Gold
Crypt Keeper Advanced Crypt Keeper Bronze Crypt Keeper Silver Crypt Keeper Gold
Candyland Advanced Candyland Bronze Candyland Silver Candyland Gold
Clock Expert Clock-Bronze Clock-Silver Clock-Gold
Castle Expert Castle-Bronze Castle-Silver Castle-Gold
Spooky Castle Expert Spooky Castle Bronze Spooky Castle Silver Spooky Castle Gold
Death Valley Expert Death Valley Bronze Death Valley Silver Death Valley Gold
Drag Strip Expert Drag Strip Bronze Drag Strip Silver Drag Strip Gold
Tunnels Expert Tunnels Bronze Tunnels Silver Tunnels Gold
Tree Tops Expert Tree Tops Bronze Tree Tops Silver Tree Tops Gold
Runway Expert Runway Bronze Runway Silver Runway Gold
Down The Drain Expert Down The Drain Bronze Down The Drain Silver Down The Drain Gold
Bloontonium Lab Extreme Bloontonium-Lab-Bronze Bloontonium-Lab-Silver Bloontonium-Lab-Gold
Main Street Extreme Main-Street-Bronze Main-Street-Silver Main-Street-Gold
Tar Pits Extreme Tar Pits Bronze Tar Pits Silver Tar Pits Gold

Bloons TD 5 iOS and AndroidEdit

In BTD 5 Mobile (iOS and Android), medals for all tracks look the same. They are shown below.

Bronze Medal Silver Medal Gold Medal Impoppable BTD5 mobile
Bronze Mastery BTD5 mobile Silver Mastery BTD5 mobile Gold Mastery BTD5 mobile Impoppable Mastery BTD5 mobile
Bronze Co-op BTD5 mobile Silver Co-op BTD5 mobile Gold Co-op BTD5 mobile Impoppable Co-op BTD5 mobile
Reverse BTD5 mobile Reverse Co-op BTD5 mobile

BTDB MobileEdit

In BTDB Mobile, "Medals" are earned from reaching any of the three eligible leaderboards: Global (50,000th globally at minimum), Regional (Top 3 at minimum), and Prestige (20,000th globally at minimum).


Daily Challenge MedalsEdit

The player can also gain medals and Awesome Points for completing Daily Challenges in Bloons TD 5:

Complete 5 Daily Challenges or Vault Challenges Daily5 Challenger 10
Complete 25 Daily Challenges or Vault Challenges Daily25 Contender 25
Complete 50 Daily Challenges or Vault Challenges Daily50 Challenge Champ 50
Complete 100 Daily Challenges or Vault Challenges Daily100 Challenge Master 100
Complete 250 Daily Challenges or Vault Challenges Daily250 Challenge Legend 400
Complete 7 sequential first run Daily Challenges, Vault Challenges do not count Daily7inarow Diligent 15
Complete 14 sequential first run Daily Challenges, Vault Challenges do not count Daily14inarow Persistent 35
Complete 30 sequential first run Daily Challenges, Vault Challenges do not count Daily30inarow Dedicated 75
Complete 90 sequential first run Daily Challenges, Vault Challenges do not count Daily90inarow Driven 250
Complete 365 sequential first run Daily Challenges, Vault Challenges do not count (Removed) Daily365inarow Otherwordly 1200
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Jan 2012 Vault12jan Jan 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Feb 2012 Vault12feb Feb 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Mar 2012 Vault12mar Mar 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Apr 2012 Vault12apr Apr 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for May 2012 Vault12may May 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Jun 2012 Vault12jun Jun 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Jul 2012 Vault12jul Jul 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Aug 2012 Vault12aug Aug 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Sep 2012 Vault12sep Sep 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Oct 2012 Vault12oct Oct 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Nov 2012 Vault12nov Nov 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Dec 2012 Vault12dec Dec 2012 Challenger 40
Complete all Daily Archive Challenges for Jan 2013 Vault13jan Jan 2013 Challenger 40

Special Missions MedalsEdit

Medals and Awesome Points can also be earned for completing Special Missions in Bloons TD 5:

Special Mission
Rank Needed
Wizard Lord 30 Wizard-Lord Wizard Lord
Protect Monkey Town 15 Protect-Monkey-Town Monkey Town
Covert Pops 35 Covert-Pops Covert Pops
There Can Be Only One 20 There-Can-Be-Only-One Highlander
Special Agents Only 30 Special-Agents-Only Special Special
Fast Upgrades 40 Fast-Upgrades Fast Track
Short-Lived 60 Short-Lived Short-Lived
MOAB Madness 10 MOAB-Madness MOAB Madness
Full House 10 Full-House Full House

Bloons TD 4Edit

The player can get a maximum of 48 medals, including medals from the Premium Tracks.


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