Medallion of Brogends

Medallion of Brogends is a Rare Trinket. It grants 10% bonus attack speed as well as unlocking a special upgrade for Finn.

Tips[edit | edit source]


  • This is a very helpful Trinket for unlocking Slicer, a special upgrade of Finn that is only unlockable by equipping him this trinket. Slicer is relatively cheap for the +1 damage it provides for Finn, especially when equipped with other powerful trinkets. The damage added will increase with higher levels of Finn.
  • Since anyone can equip this trinket, anyone with Medallion of Brogends will still benefit from the 10% attack speed bonus regardless of who equipped it, even if it doesn't unlock Slicer for a character other than Finn. This makes this trinket even better than all Common and Uncommon Trinkets involving attack speed, including the Power Ring of Speed (which only gives 5% bonus attack speed)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Medallion of Brogends originates from the episode Who Would Win.
  • The medal for completing Impoppable Difficulty is represented by this, except it's coloured blue.
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