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Destroy 5,000 DDTs
~ BTD6 description

Me Did A Job On DDT is an achievement in BTD6. To earn the achievement, you must destroy 5,000 DDTs. Earning the achievement grants BloonjaminsIcon 750 and 3 Super Monkey Storms.


  • A normal game to Round 100 has 51 DDTs, so each game to Round 100 completes about 1% of this achievement.
    • In Version 17.0, there are 44 maps, so if you complete all Impoppable and CHIMPS on all maps in 17.0, you should almost be about 90%~ complete with this achievement.
      • Otherwise, playing Round 100+ freeplay or playing more games to Round 100 will clear this achievement.
  • As of 26.0 update, Rounds 101 to 140 are fixed, with more guaranteed DDTs. Round 106 spawns 93 DDTs, Round 126 spawns 99 DDTs, and Round 138 spawns 126 DDTs. Now rounds until 140 contains 702 DDTs in total.


  • The name of this achievement is based on lyrics from the song "Teenage Lobotomy" by Ramones. The original lyrics were DDT did a job on me.
  • Playing single game until around Round 263 completes this achievement in normal gameplay.