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For the level in Bloons, see Maze (Bloons level).

Maze (Track) is a Beginner Track in Bloons Tower Defense 5. It was added on October 24, 2013 together with three more tracks.


A garden maze track, hence the name. The path is quite long, like a maze-form. Every third bloon passing an intersection will travel to a blocked path and return to the right path. One third of the bloons travel the first blocked path, another third travel the second one and one third travel the direct route; none of the bloons travels both blocked paths. All children of bloons which have been popped between the two intersections will take the same route - either all children of the same bloon travel the direct route or all travel the blocked path first.

Most of the space on this track isn't wide enough to place Banana Farms. They can only be placed on the wider parts. This track is perfect for building Tack Shooters and Ice Towers due to all the U-turns in the track. There is enough room for two Monkey Buccaneer or possibly up to three (in V formation) Monkey Subs on the fountain that contains water, despite the deceptively large appearance of the fountain.


Main article: Maze/Strategies


Bloons taking various paths of the maze

  • Placing a Monkey Buccaneer on the fountain will be helpful in attacking bloons due to its paths.


Name Awesome Points Image
Maze Bronze AwesomeIcon.png10 Maze Bronze.png
Maze Silver AwesomeIcon.png25 Maze Silver.png
Maze Gold AwesomeIcon.png50 Maze Gold.png


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $75
Completed $15

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token.png 1 Token.png 2 Token.png 3


  • This, along with Bloon Circles, and Scorched Earth, are the only BTD5 tracks which have bloons travelling in both directions along the same track section. This is arguable for Brick Wall; the bloons travelling in both directions are slightly spaced, although it is along the same track.
  • The maze in the medal for beating this track is actually blocked, so no solution is possible.
  • This map looks like Hedge from BTD 6.