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  • The U-turns in the course are handy for Boomerang Throwers, Tack Shooters and other similar towers.
  • It is best to leave the wide spaces open so that you can place Banana Farms there later on.
  • The fountain in the middle should have a Sub and a Buccaneer, but not two of the same (unless you can fit it in)
  • Look carefully for strategic places to put Spike Factories.


Around Every Corner - EmeraldBois (Easy/Medium/Hard Tested)[]


This strategy takes advantage of the narrow, looping turns around the maze. Take note of the large clear space above the water fountain. This wil be the prime building area for this strategy.


  • Tack Shooter - Ring of Fire upgrade
  • Monkey Buccaneer - Destroyer upgrade
  • Supermonkey - Robo-Monkey upgrade
  • Monkey Village - Radar Scanner (camo) upgrade


  1. Place a Monkey Buccaneer in the fountain. Upgrade it in the following order: 1/0, 1/1, 2/1. Before Round 24, upgrade it to 2/2.
  2. Meanwhile, place a Tack Shooter in the first U-turn in the track (where it branches off after the entrance). Upgrade it to 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0.
  3. Place a Bomb Tower on the other side of the track from the Tack Shooter. Upgrade it to 1/0 and 1/1.
  4. Upgrade the Monkey Buccaneer to 3/2.
  5. Upgrade the Tack Shooter to 4/0, 4/1 and 4/2.
  6. Upgrade the Bomb Tower to 1/2.
  7. Place a Monkey Village in the centre above the fountain. Upgrade it to 1/0, 1/1, and 2/1.
  8. Place a Supermonkey next to the Monkey Village and upgrade it to 1/0, 1/1 and 1/2.
  9. Upgrade the M.V. to 2/2.
  10. Upgrade the Supermonkey to 2/2 and 2/3.
  11. Buy another Supermonkey and place it next to the first, within the range of the M.V. Upgrade it in the same way.
  12. Repeat Step 11
  13. Upgrade the Bomb Tower to 1/3 and 1/4.
  14. Buy more Bomb Towers and cluster them near the entrance. Use the same upgrades as the first.
  15. When the ZOMG arrives, spam the Bomb Tower's ability.