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Max Power

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Max Power in effect

Maximum Power is a gameplay feature that appears in Bloons 2. It is an in-game boost, accessed by clicking the red MAX POWER button to the right of the dart count. When activated, it automatically sets the dart's power to its maximum limit, replacing the need for the player to have to time the power gauge perfectly to get maximum power. It doesn't cost anything to activate. Max power must be activated every throw if the player wants every throw to have Max Power.

Maximum Power works very effectively in conjunction with the premium upgrade, Dart Guideline.


  • The arrow becomes jagged when the player uses this.
  • Maximum Power does not provide complete straightness of the dart unless combined with one of the premium upgrades that allows darts to be not thrown in a curved line.
  • Sometimes when the player is viewing a solution, the maximum power isn't seen and the monkey just throws from a low position.
    • This only happens on the Bloons 2 Builder.
    • There is a bug that if the player completes a level and clicks on the max power botton, the player will hear the sound effect, yet the player will see no jagged arrow.