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As a graduate of the prestigious Monkey Academy, Max certainly knows which way to point a dart. Don't let his laid back, wisecracking exterior fool you. When it comes to popping Bloons, Max is serious.
~ BATTD description
Throws deadly, bloon popping darts.
~ Short description

Max is a hero in Bloons Adventure Time TD. He is the first Bloons-related hero in the game, along with being the second hero to be unlocked in the game, along with Finn. He is unlocked in the tutorial grassland level "Bloons!", along with Jake. He shoots one dart at a time that pops up to three bloons at once. He costs $300 in general.

Players can also unlock an alternate version of Max called 'Juggernaut Max'. He functions like its BTD6 counterpart, the Juggernaut, but with a unique set of upgrades.

Max also appears in Bloons Pop! as the main character.


Just like Juggernaut Max, he is a brown monkey with black eyes. He has thick, dark eyebrows. He wears a red head belt.

Here are the statistics of Max. Some of these statistics of a character will modify the effects of various Trinkets and Weapons. While most statistics can be increased (or decreased sometimes) with Trinkets and/or Weapons, some special statistics, such as footprint and gender, cannot be modified at all.

  • Low cost, efficient
  • Low damage


Icon long range
Long Range
COST: $150
Description: Increases Max's attack range
Effect: +5 range
Icon upgrade faster
Fast Throw
COST: $800
Upgrade(s) Required:
Long Range
Description: Increases Max's attack speed
Effect: Sets attack cooldown to 0.7s. Has no effect at level 6 and above.
Icon poptimisation
COST: $800
Upgrade(s) Required:
Fast Throw
Description: Sharp weapons in range get increased pierce
Effect: +3 pierce to Sharp damage attacks from all towers within Max's range
Icon big bloon bounty
Big Bloon Bounty
COST: $1,000
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Weak Spots
Description: Get a cash bonus if Max gets the last hit on a MOAB
Effect: Gains $120 per MOAB, $200 per BFB, $300 per ZOMG, $450 per DDT, and $700 per BAD popped by Max's attacks
Icon enhanced range
Enhanced Range
COST: $350
Upgrade(s) Required:
Long Range
Description: Increases range even more and grants camo detection
Effect: +2 range and gains camo detection
Icon hot tips
Hot Tips
COST: $350
Upgrade(s) Required:
Enhanced Range
Sharper Darts
Description: Max's darts are red hot and can melt lead and frozen bloons
Effect: Self-explanatory
Icon weak spots
Weak Spots
COST: $400
Upgrade(s) Required:
Hot Tips
Description: Precision throwing does extra damage to MOABs
Effect: +3 damage to MOAB class bloons
Icon bullseye
COST: $3,400
Upgrade(s) Required:
Weak Spots
Locked by
Description: Ability: Max's attack do mega damage to MOABs
Effect: +20 damage to MOAB class and +2 pierce per dart during ability for 13 seconds, during ability, darts lose weapon-specific effects like Splodey Darts explosions. 60 second cooldown.
Icon sharp darts
Sharp Darts
COST: $200
Description: Darts are sharper and can pop more bloons
Effect: +1 pierce
Icon sharp darts II
Sharper Darts
COST: $225
Upgrade(s) Required:
Sharp Darts
Description: Darts are super sharp and pop even more bloons
Effect: Further +2 pierce
Icon more darts
More Darts
COST: $350
Upgrade(s) Required:
Sharp Darts
Description: Max throws additional darts on every attack
Effect: +1 dart per throw
Icon even more darts
Even More Darts
COST: $425
Requires Star Level 3+

Upgrade(s) Required:
More Darts
Description: Max throws even more darts each time
Effect: Another +1 dart per throw
Icon dartnado
COST: $2,500
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Sharp Darts
Locked by
Description: Ability: Max spins around firing darts everywhere
Effect: For 10 seconds, Max distributes 2 waves of darts with 17x lower attack cooldown that have 8 extra pierce and 1 extra damage in a clockwise direction. 45 second cooldown.

Star Boost[]

Max will receive the following permanent boosts as he levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 1
  • 4 stars - Base range increased by 3
  • 6 stars - Base attack cooldown decreased by 0.3*
  • 8 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 1
  • 9 stars - Base range increased by 3
  • 10 stars - Base attack fires 1 additional dart

*Shows "attack speed increased by X" in the official patch notes and in the game - this is misleading. The attack speed stat is the inverse of attack cooldown.

Quotes and Audio[]

When unlocked:

When leveling up:

  • TBA

When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When activating ability:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon appears:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon pops:

When a Bloon leaks:

When completing a map:

When losing a map:


As one of three starting characters, Max's main utility is that he is the only one out of the three that has a camo detection upgrade. However, after the 1.4.1 nerf to Bullseye, he falls off rather quickly. Even with Bullseye, without trinkets he struggles dealing with the round 45 MOABs on Hard Difficulty on the easiest of maps because of their spacing. Even with trinkets, his DPS is not very impressive for his short range. Thus, he should primarily be used for surviving the early game, and if the player must use him (Monkey Madness + No Allies), then a priority on speed with Engineers Blueprints should be favored.



To make his anti-MOAB ability (only adds damage per dart, not multiply) the strongest it can be, attack speed should be prioritized. Give him Splodey Darts, Stone of Ancient Knowledge, Baker's Shard, Heart Gauntlets etc. Engineers Blueprints also help his DPS. If running out of good speed increasing options, Nerdicon adds a sizeable amount of range. He should only have Cosmic Gauntlets and COBRA's Monkey Stim for cooldown reduction, as his DPS benefits more from having extra speed trinkets. Note that special attacks added from weapons, such as Splodey Darts's Explosion or Frozen Throwing Knives's shards, will not spawn during Bullseye.


Alternatively, Max can use Dartnado starting with Level 7, a good cleanup option akin to Blade Maelstrom against groups of bloons heading to the exit. It is overall less useful than Bullseye but having a few in Send in the Clones can help clean up Ceramics.

Version History[]

  • All star boosts have been removed from upgrades
  • ChangeFast Throw speed decreased from 2 + 0.03 per star to 1.43 and price decreased from $1000 to $800
  • NERF Poptimization price increased from $450 to $800 and pierce boost decreased from 5 + 1 per star to 3
  • Change Dartnado duration changed from 5 seconds + 0.75 seconds per star to 10 seconds, darts from this ability will get boosts from weapons, trinkets etc.
  • NERF Bullseye MOAB damage changed from 50 to 20, price increased from $2500 to $4000
  • BUFF Heavy Tips upgrade removed, Hot Tips already gives frozen popping
  • BUFF Big Bloon Bounty cash bonus now depends on MOAB type (higher level MOABs are more valuable), price changed from $1500 to $1000
  • BUFF More Darts price decreased from $425 to $350
  • NERF Even More Darts price increased from $350 to $425
  • Max will receive permanent boosts as he levels up
  • BUFF Weak Spots damage increased from +2 to +3
  • BUFF Bullseye price reduced from $4000 to $3400 and duration increased from 10 seconds to 13 seconds.


Character Profile and Leveling Up[]







  • Between the 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 updates, Max's voice actor changed, making him the only hero/character to ever get his voice changed in between updates. His former voice actor was Mark Garrison in 1.0.1, and in 1.0.2 and later, his current voice actor is Gary Furlong.
    • He still keeps his old quotes alongside new ones, however.
    • Mark Garrison, the previous voice actor, spoke softer, which portrayed Max with a calmer but smug personality. The current voice actor, Gary Furlong, speaks more confidently for Max's voice, giving the impression that Max is active and passionate for adventure.
  • Max's quote "Awesomer" is likely a reference to Ninja Kiwi's catchphrase, "More Awesomer".
  • Despite Max being the second character to become playable within the tutorial, the game unlocks him as the third character, right after Jake.
  • Max has no quote for when activating the Bullseye ability.
  • Although in most cutscenes and in game models, Max is shown with a strap on his chest, this does not appear on the traditional art seen on his icon. These icons make him look more reminiscent of the Portrait used for a x-2-x Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6 and the ones used for the Dart Monkey's 2/x and x/2 upgrades in Bloons TD 5, though the pose he's in is the same as BTD6's standard portrait for the Dart Monkey.
  • Max formerly had the Heavy Tips upgrade, which was required for frozen popping as Hot Tips only provided lead popping power. It was removed in 1.4.1, and this, Energy Beacon, Laser Whips, Farsight and Soulbind are the only upgrades which have been replaced by another upgrade.