Mastery Mode is a new feature added in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile In October 23, 2015 and adfterwards in other versions of Bloons Tower Defense 5. It is unlocked by getting a medal in ALL tracks in the game and getting all medals including Impoppable Difficulty and Reverse Mode for all begginer tracks. Getting all medals for intermediate tracks unlocks intermediate mastery mode, and so on.

In this mode, all bloons have they rank boosted by one but the Z.O.M.G. Natural Z.O.M.Gs have twice the health instead of having another layer. Due to ceramic rushes on rounds 63 and some later rounds being upgraded to M.O.A.B. rush, it will lag on most low memory devices like iPhones or Androids. Some rounds that contain the deadliest rushes are Round 76, Round 82, Round 84, Freeplay Rounds, etc.

Using the 4/x monkey engineer is a highly recommended on impoppable due to early ceramics and the need for money for popping 4 M.O.A.B.s on round 40.

With this update came some monkey lab upgrades, now they go up to level 13 instead of 8. All rewards - money and tokens are doubled.

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