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Allows you to have TWO Crossbow Masters.
~ In-game description

Master Double Cross is an upgrade in the Primary Monkey Knowledge tree. It allows the player to place two Crossbow Masters at once. Master Double Cross requires eight knowledge points invested, 4 And 4, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon250.

This Monkey Knowledge Point makes the Crossbow Master the only Tier 5 upgrade where multiples of the same Tier 5 can be placed simultaneously outside of Co-Op Mode. If every player has the Master Double Cross MK in a 4-player Co-Op match, it is possible to place up to 8 Crossbow Masters at once.



Having the Master Double Cross MK active adds an opportunity to add two Crossbow Masters on the same map per player. Affording a second Crossbow Master can be expensive, but it is worth the effort for multiple reasons. Not only can the second Crossbow Master can be used in combination with the first to assist DPS, being able to place a second Crossbow Master makes it possible to earn a higher max-degree Apex Plasma Master by partially fulfilling its alternate Tier 5 requirements that all Paragons desire, in addition to allowing for a cheap Degree 22 Apex Plasma Master with minimal setup.


  • This MK makes Freeplay rounds past 90 easier in Primary Monkeys Only without the use of Ezili, Etienne, or Plasma Monkey Fan Club, as Crossbow Masters become the among the only reliable sources of DDT-popping power outside of decamoing or relying on abilities.
  • This MK Point makes a big difference on maps such as Firing Range, Bazaar, or Infernal, where split paths or intersecting paths may make it harder to utilize the full power of frequent critical hits from a single Crossbow Master.
  • Use the power of a second Crossbow Master on maps where there are good straight line areas, either together with the first Crossbow Master or on an alternate lane where the other Crossbow Master might not be able to sufficiently reach.
  • In terms of gaining power for Apex Plasma Master, it increases the maximum possible power in single-player without Geraldo from 91 to 92. However, the real powerful portion of Master Double Cross for Apex Plasma Master is counting as an additional Tier 5 tower.
    • The extra Crossbow Master added on top of a vanilla T5 setup allows the Apex Plasma Master to reach Degree 22, compared to 1 without it.

Version History[]

Initial release
  • Released
  • NERF Master Double Cross no longer allows a Crossbow Master to be placed when upgrade is restricted.
  • BUFF Master Double Cross's bonus Crossbow Master now counts consistently as both a Tier 5 and $250,000 sacrifices, regardless of order of upgrading a T5 Dart Monkey.
  • NERF Master Double Cross's bonus Crossbow Master now counts as just a Tier 5 again.



  • Although the icon shows one Crossbow Master wearing white and the other wearing black, in game Crossbow Masters always wear black.