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One Monkey MOAB demolition machine.
~ In-game description

Master Bomber is the final upgrade in Path 3 for the Ninja Monkey in Bloons TD 6. The upgrade enhances all of its bombs to become much stronger, especially versus MOAB-class bloons. The new special sticky bombs are shot faster (from every 5.0s to 2.0s) and can be projected from anywhere on screen, dealing 1000 damage instead of 500 damage, and secondary sticky bomb explosions deal 300 damage instead of 100. Not only do its sticky bombs deal extra damage, sticky bombs stun affected MOAB-class bloons for up to 1.0s, while its flash bombs deal 10 damage and stun MOAB-class for up to 0.25s or standard bloons for 1.0s. The Counter-Espionage (0-2-5) crosspath will cause DDTs to lose camo as soon as the Sticky Bomb is attached, the secondary sticky bomb explosion will not remove camo however.

It costs $34,000 on Easy, $40,000 on Medium, $43,200 on Hard, and $48,000 on Impoppable.



Master Bomber specializes at handling blimps, especially stronger blimps. Unlike Grandmaster Ninja, Master Bomber is somewhat decent on its own, as it provides adequate stunning power versus MOAB-class bloons, although pairing with Shinobi Tactics is strongly recommended just like the former option. Compared to Grandmaster, Master Bomber is superior at dealing with grouped blimps, does not require as much support, but costs a fair bit more expensive overall and its previous upgrade is quite expensive to obtain.

Positioning is far more important for Master Bomber to truly maximize its potential. Unlike Grandmaster, who has a seeking crosspath for its powerful attacks, Master Bomber instead requires a different set of conditions to optimize its anti-blimp power. Ideally, place a Master Bomber where max Shinobi spam can be utilized while also ensuring that the Master Bomber can keep both consistent sticky bomb angles and utilize bends for its blimp-stunning Flash Bombs. And lastly, clear Line of Sight is key, so try letting its infinite-ranged sticky bombs reach as much range as possible while still keeping a low enough range to avoid missing important targets.


  • It is recommended to purchase Ninja Discipline as well when purchasing the Master Bomber because it will make it overall shoot faster, including the rate at which bombs are thrown. The immense power of the bombs alone outweigh the power of its shurikens, so it is not worth purchasing the Path 2 upgrades (Distraction and Counter-Espionage), especially because only one Master Bomber may ever be on the track at one time. However, if overall camo defense is lacking then the sticky bombs can strip the camo property off DDTs.
  • Despite its slow attack speed with the bombs, it can still reliably destroy MOABs and DDTs effectively, only if placed in a spot with lots of vision.
  • The Master Bomber's Sticky Bombs have infinite range but involves Line of Sight. It is a good idea to plan placement for the Master Bomber so that the travel time for each sticky bomb projectile is decreased. Placing on high ground is additionally a good idea, so that the sticky bombs do not fail to land.
  • Each sticky bomb does 1000 damage, taking out BFBs and lower but not the Bloons inside.
  • It is also advised to spam Shinobi Tactics ninjas around the Master Bomber, because it will increase its Sticky Bombs firing rate and increase stun uptime via the Flash Bombs. If there are enough Shinobis, it can throw out Sticky Bombs at hypersonic speed, which makes it live up to its name as a "Monkey MOAB Demolition Machine".
  • Round 98 can be beaten with ease with Master Bomber and 20 nearby Shinobi Tactics, thanks to its high damage and decent grouped popping of stronger grouped bloons. Use a map where Shinobis can be spammed and where Master Bomber can throw stickies at consistent angles.
  • Ground Zero and similar can pair well with Master Bomber, with the bomber set to Strong defeating stronger blimp layers and the Ground Zero ability eliminating leftover MOABs or below.
  • Although Master Bomber's Sticky Bombs have infinite range, it is best to place Master Bomber around a bend to make the most of its Flash Bomb stuns versus MOAB-class bloons. This will help clump the blimps up, especially noticeable when paired with many Shinobis.
  • Note that the Master Bomber's secondary sticky bomb explosion cannot hit the same blimp that the sticky bomb projectile was attached to. Therefore, the sticky bomb will always deal 1000 damage to single-target blimps.

Version History[]

Master Bomber has received a price buff, an added stun versus blimps, and extra Flash Bomb damage, and secondary sticky bomb explosions, which all should improve its anti-MOAB potential at a more cost-effective price.

  • Buff Cost of Master Bomber decreased ($60,000 → $40,000)
  • Buff Master Bomber's Sticky Bomb attack now stuns MOAB-class Bloons for 1 second upon impact.
  • Buff Flash Bomb now stuns MOAB-class bloons for 0.25 seconds.
  • Buff Flash Bomb damage increased (1 → 5)
  • Change Now correctly applies stun art.
To try and allow more strategic use Ninja's Sticky Bombs will now use the targeting of the main tower instead of always Strong. Additionally as they weren't feeling good enough in general Sticky Bombs will now deal a smaller amount of damage in an AoE to anything surrounding the main target.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Master Bomber sticky bombs are no longer always on Strong. They are thrown with a similar targeting priority to the ninja itself.
  • Buff Master Bomber sticky bombs now create an additional 300-damage explosion with 10 pierce and a radius of 40.
As ninja is the 'Camo Specialist' and has been since inception, it is the only tower that will unlock Camo Prioritization on the base tower. Master Bomber's main flash bomb has also been buffed in damage slightly leading into the new Ninja Paragon.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Affected by base Ninja Monkey, by gaining natural Camo Prioritization target option
  • Buff Master Bomber Flash Bomb damage increased from 5 → 10
  • Buff Affected by Distraction providing distraction to Caltrops and Flash Bomb


Official artwork[]



  • Master Bomber is the most expensive Ninja Monkey upgrade in the game, even after the price buff in Version 7.0.
  • Since Master Bomber immediately throws a bomb on being upgraded, it's possible to have a sticky bomb get placed on a Ceramic Bloon if an x-x-4 Ninja is upgraded to x-x-5 such that the first sticky bomb pops the MOAB after the Master Bomber has thrown its bomb but before the bomb hits its target.