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For other uses of MOAB, see MOAB (disambiguation).

Fear the MOAB Bloons! These floating fortresses of fear take loads of hits to pop, and when they do, release Ceramic Bloons.
~ Message when you first encounter the MOAB in BTD 6

The Massive Ornary Air Blimp[sic], also known as the Mother Of All Bloons and often abbreviated as MOAB (also punctuated as M.O.A.B or M.O.A.B.), is a high-health blimp, first debuted in Bloons TD 3. It is the second-weakest multi-HP bloon throughout the series, but it is still quite formidable. In most games, the MOAB has 200 health and will release 4 Ceramic Bloons once popped. In the Bloons Super Monkey series, damaging the MOAB will spawn multiple Red Bloons, while in Bloons Super Monkey 2 popping the MOAB sends out 8 Mini MOABs. Distinguished as the archetype of the MOAB-Class Bloons, this small blue blimp is sometimes referred as the Blue MOAB to distinguish from its special class of Bloon.

The MOAB can be affected by any tower that can target MOAB-Class Bloons. Some attacks can inflict extra damage to MOAB-class bloons compared to normal bloons, making them a deadly force against the MOAB. Multi-projectile attacks, such as Tack Sprayer, are naturally effective against the MOAB because of the MOAB's large hitbox. It takes many hits to destroy the MOAB layer, but some towers are capable of destroying the MOAB layer in one hit under normal health conditions or instakill the MOAB completely, examples being MOAB Assassin and Monkey Pirates, respectively.

MOABs can gain more health depending on the game. In Bloons TD 6, the MOAB can become a Fortified MOAB, as the fortification layer gives it and its descendents double health, 400 health for the MOAB layer instead of 200. In addition, Freeplay Mode will slowly accelerate its health and speed every round.

The health of a MOAB can be determined through multiple damage stages. Every 1/4 of the MOAB's health, 50 by default, it will appear more damaged. These are usually rips and tears on the blimp's skin. The MOAB will appear more and more worn out until it is fully destroyed.

For each MOAB leaked, it costs 460 lives (700 if fortified).


It debuted in Bloons TD 3 (on Round 37) along with the Brown Bloon (later known as the Ceramic Bloon). The M.O.A.B's other appearances include Bloons TD 4, Bloons TD 4 Expansion, Bloons TD 5 (Round 46), Bloons Super Monkey, Bloons TD (DSi/3DS), Bloons Super Monkey 2, and Bloons TD 6 (Round 40, Last Round of Easy).

The MOAB is currently the 5th highest ranked bloon after its parent, the BFB, its grandparent, the ZOMG, the powerful DDT and the newest and most powerful MOAB Class Bloon, the BAD (not counting Boss Bloons). It is also the second lowest ranked MOAB-Class Bloon above the Mini MOAB.

In Bloons TD 3, the M.O.A.B is white instead of blue and looks thinner with 4 Brown Bloons on its back. In Bloons TD 4, M.O.A.Bs can be identified easily by their blimp like appearance, blue stripes, and the Ceramic Bloons they yield. In Bloons TD 5, the M.O.A.B is a blue blimp, has white stripes, and no Ceramics are shown. The M.O.A.B is sluggish, being the 3rd slowest Bloon in the game, surpassing only the BFB and ZOMG in speed.

The only way to survive letting a MOAB through a level is buying enough lives. In BTD4, the Healthy Bananas premium upgrade allows for this, and in BTD5 the Support Chinook ability also does this; 617 lives is the minimum to survive an undamaged MOAB leaking. MOAB rushes are very dangerous, especially in Mastery Mode in Round 63, 76 and 78 without strong towers.

Bloons Super Monkey[]

The MOAB first appears in Stage 4. Several of them appear in Stage 5. They shoot out Red Bloons whenever they get attacked, and explode into a large cloud of various Bloons (mainly Red Bloons) upon destruction.

Bloons Super Monkey 2[]

The MOAB appears again in Bloons Super Monkey 2. It appears as the boss of stage 1-5. More of them appear in later stages. The boss MOAB is popped after 600 hits, then it explodes, spawning 8 Mini MOABs without shields and a cloud of Red to Yellow bloons. While moving in the screen, it releases a variety of bloons from red to pink. Normal MOABs instead still get popped after 600 hits but they explode spawning Red Bloons and Yellow Bloons instead. It is advised to focus on Mini MOABs and not normal MOABs when you have more basic weapons, because Mini MOABs are a lot easier to pop and the player can earn more pops. (If a MOAB is popped, you get less pops than 600).

Bloons Super Monkey 2 Mobile[]

The MOAB also appears in the mobile version of BSM2. It is the final boss of Monkey Lane, appearing on level 25 and appearing regularly in later levels. It will spawn bloons in the red-yellow range, spawning ceramic bloons during the final degrade. The MOAB in BSM2 has 10,000 HP and spawns 12 yellow, 50 red, and 12 pink bloons upon destruction, regardless of whether it is a boss or not.

It is possible to beat the MOAB with only the first tier tech upgrades, because the boss MOAB will be pushed back with each hit. Aliensrock50 has made a video about this.

The MOAB appears later on, especially during Helium Heights, as minions to bosses and BFBs .

Bloons Monkey City[]

The MOAB appears in Bloons Monkey City. They are found probably near the first tiles you claim, where you can see MOABs. Their average difficulty is Hard. However, there are also tiles with 3 MOABs on it (Called "Triple MOAB Tiles", "Packed MOAB tiles" or "MOAB Pack Tiles"). These foreshadow a large rush of MOABs near the final round, or close to it. This also makes MOABs more common. However, these tiles are sometimes harder than a Double BFB Tile, because MOABs can come very early and you probably don't have much defense. Some of the earliest MOAB Rounds are Round 4!

MOAB-Class Bloons in BMC have 133 health (160 on second city). This was stated in a NK Blog post.

Bloons TD 6[]

MOABs first appear naturally on Round 40 and serve as the final "boss" on Easy. On Easy, however, the Round 40 MOAB will have 66% health instead of the full 200 health, for 133 health by default.

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

The MOAB is first encountered on the first play of Candy Throne Room, as part of the tutorial. The MOAB cannot be defeated naturally and must be beaten with the provided "Hugsplosion" power. MOABs otherwise appear on Hard or harder difficulties, starting with Round 42.

Bloons Pop![]

A boss among Bloons
~ Short description

MOABs first appear on Level 70. Whenever a MOAB get hit, it will spawn groups of bloons between Reds and Pinks above it. After around 50 (?) points of damage, the MOAB pops and spawns 4 Ceramics arranged in a 2x2 formation in the center of it. Unlike most bloons, MOABs consume a 2x4 space floating horizontally.

Unlike other BTD6 generation games, Fortified MOABs do not exist in this game.

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

MOABs make a comeback in this game, and can be sent for $1,000 ($1,200 pre-1.0.4). Sending a MOAB gives 0 Eco. Spaced MOABs unlock on Round 17 (18 pre-1.0.4), while Grouped MOABs unlock on Round 19 (20 pre-1.0.4). MOABs do not have a Tight MOAB counterpart.

One natural MOAB spawns on Round 20. Subsequent natural MOABs appear on later rounds.

Massive Ornary Air Blimps move at a base speed of 25, equal to 1 RBS, the same as a Red Bloon.


Note: these statistics do not factor in health modifiers from difficulty (in BTD5, BTD6, and BATTD), game modes (such as Double HP MOABs), the Challenge Editor, or Freeplay. Changes in RBE from Super Ceramic Bloons are also excluded.
Game Layer HP RBE Children
BTD3 130 522 4 Brown Bloons
BTD4 200 613* 4 Ceramic Bloons
BTD5 200 616 4 Ceramic Bloons
BTD Battles 200 616 4 Ceramic Bloons
BMC 132 (Grassy Pass)
160 (Bloon Dunes)
548 (Grassy Pass)
576 (Bloon Dunes)
4 Ceramic Bloons
BTD6 200 (normal)
400 (Fortified)
616 (normal)
856 (Fortified)
4 Ceramic Bloons (normal)
4 Fortified Ceramic Bloons (Fortified)
BATTD 200 (normal)
400 (Fortified)
616 (normal)
856 (Fortified)
4 Ceramic Bloons (normal)
4 Fortified Ceramic Bloons (Fortified)
BSM 500 1140 560 Red Bloons, 20 Yellow Bloons
BSM2 1500 (normal)
TBA (boss)
TBA (normal)
TBA (boss)
TBA (normal)
TBA (boss)
BSM2 Mobile TBA (normal)
TBA (boss)
TBA (normal)
TBA (boss)
TBA (normal)
TBA (boss)
Bloons Pop! TBA 400 4 Ceramic Bloons


Pre-BTD4 generation games
BTD4 generation games
BTD5 generation games
BTD6 generation games

Round Appearances[]

The following are all appearances on each round where MOABs will spawn naturally from the entrance. These will not include the rounds where the MOAB's parents or subsequent parents will feature.


  • Round 37: 1 M.O.A.B
  • Round 44: 130 Black, 5 Ceramic, 1 M.O.A.B
  • Round 50: 16 Lead, 38 Rainbow, 13 Brown, 2 M.O.A.B
  • Round 52+: randomized


  • Round 46: 1 M.O.A.B
  • Round 50: 2 M.O.A.Bs
  • Round X: TBA


  • Round 46: 1 MOAB
  • Round X: TBA
  • Round X: TBA


Normal Gameplay[]

  • Round 40: 1 MOAB
  • Round 50: 20 Red, 8 Fortified Lead, 20 Ceramic, 2 MOAB
  • Round 52: 25 Rainbow, 10 Ceramic, 2 MOAB
  • Round 53: 80 Pink Camo, 3 MOAB
  • Round 54: 35 Ceramic, 2 MOAB
  • Round 55: 45 Ceramic, 1 MOAB
  • Round 56: 40 Rainbow Camo, 1 MOAB
  • Round 57: 40 Rainbow, 4 MOAB
  • Round 58: 15 Ceramic, 10 Fortified Ceramic, 5 MOAB
  • Round 61: 150 Zebra Regrowth, 5 MOAB
  • Round 62: 250 Purple, 15 Rainbow Camo Regrowth, 5 MOAB, 2 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 64: 6 MOAB, 3 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 65: 100 Zebra, 70 Rainbow, 50 Ceramic, 3 MOAB, 2 BFB
  • Round 66: 8 MOAB, 3 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 67: 13 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 8 MOAB
  • Round 68: 4 MOAB, 1 BFB
  • Round 70: 120 White Camo Regrowth, 200 Rainbow, 4 MOAB
  • Round 71: 30 Ceramic, 10 MOAB
  • Round 73: 8 MOAB, 2 BFB
  • Round 75: 14 Lead, 14 Fortified Lead, 3 Fortified MOAB, 7 BFB
  • Round 77: 11 MOAB, 5 BFB
  • Round 83: 40 Ceramic, 40 Ceramic Regrowth, 40 Fortified Ceramic, 30 MOAB
  • Round 84: 50 MOAB, 10 BFB
  • Round 88: 18 MOAB, 8 BFB, 2 ZOMG
  • Round 89: 20 Fortified MOAB, 8 Fortified BFB
  • Round 92: 50 Fortified MOAB, 4 ZOMG
  • Round 95: 500 Purple Camo Regrowth, 250 Fortified Lead Camo Regrowth, 50 Fortified MOAB, 30 DDT
  • Round 96: 40 Fortified MOAB, 30 BFB, 6 ZOMG
  • Round 99: 60 MOAB, 9 Fortified DDT
  • Round 101: 450 Purple (1 group of 250 and 1 group of 200), 50 Fortified Ceramic, 10 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 103: 198 Purple (3 groups of 66), 100 MOAB, 50 Fortified MOAB, 10 Fortified ZOMG
  • Round 104: 200 Purple (2 groups of 100), 200 Fortified Lead (2 groups of 100), 200 Ceramic (2 groups of 100), 25 MOAB, 150 Fortified MOAB, 25 BFB, 14 Fortified BFB
  • Round 109: 15 Purple, 30 Fortified MOAB (15 groups of 2, stacked), 15 BFB, 15 Fortified BFB (each stacked with a regular BFB), 15 ZOMG
  • Round 113: 42 Ceramic Camo, 42 Fortified Ceramic, 75 Fortified MOAB, 15 Fortified BFB
  • Round 114: 24 MOAB, 36 Fortified MOAB, 12 BFB, 8 Fortified BFB, 5 ZOMG, 3 Fortified ZOMG, 9 DDT, 6 Fortified DDT. (DDTs and Fortified DDTs spawn throughout the round, then it goes Fortified MOAB, MOAB, BFB, Fortified BFB, ZOMG, Fortified ZOMG, Round 115 has them in roughly reverse order)
  • Round 115: 24 MOAB, 36 Fortified MOAB, 12 BFB, 8 Fortified BFB, 5 ZOMG, 3 Fortified ZOMG, 9 DDT, 6 Fortified DDT (DDTs and Fortified DDTs spawn throughout the round, the rest goes in roughly reverse order compared to Round 114)
  • Round 120: 24 Fortified MOAB, 12 BFB, 12 ZOMG
  • Round 121: 14 Fortified BFB, 28 Fortified MOAB, 6 Fortified ZOMG
  • Round 123: 200 MOAB, 8 Fortified ZOMG
  • Round 125: 21 ZOMG, 42 BFB, 63 MOAB
  • Round 127: 48 MOAB, 24 BFB
  • Round 130: 84 MOAB, 66 Fortified MOAB, 48 DDT, 6 Fortified DDT
  • Round 133: 12 Fortified MOAB, 12 Fortified BFB, 4 Fortified ZOMG, 27 MOAB, 27 BFB, 9 ZOMG
  • Round 136: 96 Fortified MOAB, 24 BFB
  • Round 137: 18 ZOMG, 24 BFB, 48 MOAB
  • Round 139: 181 MOAB, 72 Fortified MOAB
  • From rounds 141 to 9,999, MOABs are randomly spawned, except for rounds 163 and 200. However, on Round 263, MOABs are guaranteed to spawn, and could also be stacked in the large groups. The other round that MOABs are guaranteed to spawn is Round 10,002, where 100 MOABs spawn.

Alternate Bloons Rounds[]

  • Round 40: 1 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 43: 10 Rainbow, 2 MOAB
  • Round 47: 70 Pink Camo Regrowth, 3 MOAB
  • Round 50: 8 Fortified Lead Regrowth, 4 MOAB, 2 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 52: 35 Rainbow, 5 Ceramic Regrowth, 5 Fortified Ceramic, 1 MOAB, 1 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 53: 120 Pink Camo, 3 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 54: 35 Black Regrowth, 1 MOAB, 1 BFB
  • Round 55: 20 Ceramic, 25 Ceramic Camo, 1 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 56: 40 Purple Camo Regrowth, 5 MOAB
  • Round 57: 25 Ceramic, 2 Fortified MOAB, 1 BFB
  • Round 58: 15 Ceramic, 10 Fortified Ceramic, 10 MOAB
  • Round 61: 57 Zebra Regrowth, 8 Fortified Lead, 15 MOAB
  • Round 62: 250 Purple, 15 Fortified Lead Camo Regrowth, 5 Fortified MOAB, 2 BFB
  • Round 63: 40 Ceramic, 30 Fortified Ceramic, 40 Ceramic Camo, 5 MOAB
  • Round 64: 6 Fortified MOAB, 2 BFB
  • Round 65: 70 Rainbow, 50 Fortified Ceramic, 3 Fortified MOAB, 3 BFB
  • Round 66: 6 MOAB, 3 BFB
  • Round 67: 20 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 6 MOAB, 4 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 68: 4 MOAB, 1 Fortified BFB
  • Round 70: 200 Rainbow, 6 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 71: 30 Fortified Ceramic Regrowth, 10 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 73: 8 Fortified MOAB, 2 Fortified BFB
  • Round 75: 50 Lead, 14 Fortified Lead, 4 Fortified MOAB, 6 BFB, 2 Fortified BFB
  • Round 77: 11 Fortified MOAB, 5 Fortified BFB
  • Round 81: 20 Fortified MOAB, 15 BFB
  • Round 83: 40 Ceramic Camo, 40 Ceramic Regrowth Camo, 40 Fortified Ceramic Camo, 20 Fortified MOAB
  • Round 84: 50 MOAB, 15 Fortified BFB
  • Round 88: 15 Fortified MOAB, 12 BFB, 3 DDT
  • Round 89: 15 Fortified MOAB, 12 Fortified BFB
  • Round 92: 50 Fortified MOAB, 4 ZOMG, 4 DDT
  • Round 95: 500 Purple Camo Regrowth, 30 Fortified MOAB, 30 DDT
  • Round 96: 20 Fortified MOAB, 20 Fortified BFB, 11 ZOMG, 10 DDT
  • Round 99: 30 MOAB, 9 Fortified DDT, 1 BAD
  • Round 101+: randomized


Bloons TD 6[]

Image Fortified Name Appearances
BTD63DMOAB BadMaimMoabParticle MOAB Round 40
Round 43 (ABR)
BTD63DFortifiedMOAB TickGreenIcon Fortified MOAB Round 62
Round 40 (ABR)
Skin-Trophy Store Icons-Name
BTD6MOABGooglyEyed GooglyEyesBloonsIcon Googly Eyed Bloons
File:BTD6MOABTopHat.png TopHatsBloonsIcon Top Hat Bloons
File:BTD6MOABHatchet.png HatchetBloonsIcon Hatchet Bloons
File:BTD6MOABRedNoseDecal.png RudolphNoseBloonsIcon Red Nose Decal Bloons
File:BTD6MOABTruckerHat.png TruckerHatsBloonsIcon Trucker Hats Bloons
BTD6MOABOldTimey SepiaMoabClassIcon Old Timey MOAB-class Bloons
BTD6MaulerMOAB MoabMaulerMoabIcon Mauler MOAB
BTD6PufferFishMOAB PufferFishMoabIcon Puffer Fish MOAB
BTD6GridironFootballMOAB GridironFootballMoabIcon Gridiron Football MOAB
BTD6FrozenGlacierMOAB GlacierMoabIcon Frozen Glacier MOAB
File:BTD6ChocolateEggMOAB.png ChocolateMoabIcon Chocolate Egg MOAB
BTD6BTD4RetroMOAB Btd4RetroMoabIcon BTD4 Retro MOAB
File:BTD6BoatMOAB.png BoatMoabIcon Boat MOAB
BTD63DUndeadMOAB Undead MOAB

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

Image Fortified Name Appearances
BTD63DMOAB BadMaimMoabParticle MOAB Round 20
BTD63DFortifiedMOAB TickGreenIcon Fortified MOAB Round 31
BTDB2KiteMOAB Kite MOAB (Season 1)
BTDB2PlushieMOAB Plushie MOAB (Season 3)
BTDB2JunkyardMOAB Junkyard MOAB (Season 4)
BTDB2FootballMOAB Football MOAB (Season 7)
BTDB2GemMOAB Gem MOAB (Season 8)
BTDB2VoxelMOAB Voxel MOAB (Season 9)
BTDB2DroneMOAB Drone MOAB (Season 11)
BTDB2MetalMOAB Metal MOAB (Season 12)
BTDB2SharkMOAB Shark MOAB (Season 16)
File:BTDB2ChonkyCatMOAB.png Chonky Cat MOAB
BTD63DUndeadMOAB Undead MOAB

Health Stages[]

Bloons TD 6[]

Health Stages
Variant BTD6FortifiedRed 1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage 4th Stage
BadMaimMoabParticle File:BTD6MOABHS1.png File:BTD6MOABHS2.png File:BTD6MOABHS3.png File:BTD6MOABHS4.png
Fortified MOAB
TickGreenIcon File:BTD6FortifiedMOABHS1.png File:BTD6FortifiedMOABHS2.png File:BTD6FortifiedMOABHS3.png File:BTD6FortifiedMOABHS4.png


Bloon Layers
Big Airship of Doom
Dark Dirigible Titan
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Flying Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp

Bloon Layers
Big Airship of Doom
Dark Dirigible Titan
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Floating Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp

Bloon Layers
Dark Dirigible Titan
ZOMG rightways
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Floating Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp
Ceramic Bloon
Rainbow Bloon
Zebra Bloon
Lead Bloon
Black Bloon
White Bloon
Pink Bloon
Yellow Bloon
Green Bloon
Blue Bloon
Red Bloon

Version History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]

MOABs have been nerfed overall via game updates making them easier to defend.

Note: The buffs and nerfs refer to according to the power of the MOAB, and don't necessarily reflect whether it is good or not for the player or opponent.

Initial Release

  • NERF MOABs (along with the other MOAB class bloons) can now be stalled by Supa-Vac for 8 seconds.



  • BUFF MOABs (along with the other MOAB class bloons) have increased health and speed ramping (Speed: +15% per round → +20%; Health: +5% per round → +40%).


  • BUFF Spaced and Fast Cooldown MOAB income penalty reduced (Spaced: -$60 → -$24; Fast Cooldown: -$140 → -$56).


Main article: Massive Ornary Air Blimp (MOAB)/Strategies


Bloons TD 3
Beware the M.O.A.B - it's coming next level.
~ Round 37 in Bloons TD 3
M.O.A.B stands for Massive Ornary Air Blimp, not Mother Of All Bloons. Either way, it brings pain.
~ Round 38 in Bloons TD 3
If a MOAB escapes, it's game over. Yes, that sucker will eat all of your lives.
~ Bloons TD 3
Bloons TD 4
Did you enjoy your old friend the M.O.A.B? You didn't think we'd gotten rid of it did you?
~ Round 47 in Bloons TD 4
Bloons TD 5
This is Boss Bloon. The MOAB. It takes hundreds of hits to pop this Bloon. Also, if the MOAB passes through your defense, the game ends for you.
~ Message when you first encounter the MOAB in BTD 5
Bloons Super Monkey 2
Here it is! The big boss bloon! ...Whatever it throws at you, do not let it pass! Think of the children, the fuzzy little monkey children...
~ Dr. Monkey's final quote before the battle with the Mighty MOAB.
Bloons Monkey City
Every good hunter brings home trophies from successful hunts and I'm a good hunter. I ain't interested in showing off any old bloon though, I'm bringing home a MOAB.
~ Big Bloon hunter quest start description in BMCM
Bloons Pop!
The Mother of All Bloons will spawn defensive Bloons whenever it is hit. Hit it enough times and it will pop, releasing the four Ceramic Bloons hidden inside!
~ Bloonspedia entry for the MOAB in Bloons Pop!.
Bloons TD Battles 2
MOABs are big, slow and extremely tough. If even one of them gets through it's an instant defeat!
~ BTDB2 Loading screen quote

Hero quotes[]

These quotes are always triggered upon encountering a MOAB. Some quotes from heroes are identical to those for weaker or stronger MOAB-class bloons.


MOAB Jumbo Plush[]

Sniper ben moab plush promo

Ben Plush, Sniper Plush, and MOAB Plush

MOAB Jumbo Plush has officially been announced on December 15th 2022 on Ninja Kiwi's Twitter account, posting the promotional art for its appearance. This is alongside Benjamin and the Sniper Monkey, who are receiving plushes of their own. Its campaign can be seen on its entry on the Makeship website. MOAB Jumbo Plush costed $35.99 USD.

Some users have noticed that Makeship already found the MOAB Jumbo Plush on their website before Ninja Kiwi made any social media mention of it (e.g. December 13th 2022, MOAB Jumbo Plush).

The MOAB's campaign ran from December 15th 2022 to January 6th 2023. At the end of the campaign, 2412 MOAB Jumbo Plushes were sold, funding 1206% for the campaign. All MOAB Jumbo Plushes began shipping to paying customers since April 1st 2023.

MOAB Jumbo 2.0 Plushie[]

Dart and moab plush promotion

Promotion of the Dart Monkey 2.0 Plushie and MOAB Jumbo 2.0 Plushie

As part of a vote on Twitter (announcement, poll) and other social media, Ninja Kiwi has re-released the Dart Monkey Plush and the MOAB Jumbo Plush, tying in with Makeship's TimeWarp 2024. Dart Monkey Plush has been updated with fresh new colours. The campaign for MOAB Jumbo 2.0 Plushie has been released on 9th July 2024 and will end on 27th July 2024 at 1pm NZST. It costs $37.99 USD. If both MOAB Jumbo 2.0 Plushie and the Dart Plushie 2.0 are bought, the client will get a 10% discount for both items.


See the Gallery Section!

Because of the size of the gallery, the gallery section here has been moved elsewhere so that this current page will be less cluttered.

See Massive Ornary Air Blimp (MOAB)/Gallery to find the new fresh gallery section!


  • MOABs have the same speed as Red Bloons and Lead Bloons (except in Bloons TD Battles Mobile post 4.1).
  • The Dart Monkey is riding a MOAB in Hot Air Bloon.
    • However, the MOAB in Hot Air Bloon is gray.
  • A running joke is that MOAB stands for Mother Of All Bloons, which is a play on Mother of All Bombs.
    • The "official" name Massive Ornary Air Blimp is likely also based on the Massive Ordnance Air Blast, the "official" name for the Mother of All Bombs.
    • The joke was mentioned again on Bloons Super Monkey 2, only it is on the Epic powerup M.O.A.P., which stands for Mother Of All Pineapples.
    • Finn in Bloons Adventure Time TD reacted by saying "Mother of all Bloons! What is that thing?" when he encountered a MOAB in the tutorial.
    • The "snowclone" name "Mother of All Bloons" has been adopted as the official backronym for the MOAB since Bloons Pop!, as evident in its Bloonspedia entry. This dates all the way back to Bloons TD 3, where the MOAB was first introduced to the series. Ninja Kiwi has also confirmed as such in this blog.
  • It takes 21 (20 in BTD5 PC version) sets of Road Spikes to pop a MOAB and 57 sets in BTD5 PC version to completely pop the MOAB and Ceramics.
  • Popping the outer layer of a ZOMG, BFB, MOAB, or Ceramic Bloon does reward you with 1 money (due to a recent edit). This does not include their children.
  • MOABs became much easier to pop starting from BTD4 onwards, due to the presence of MOAB Mauler and more powerful towers such as the Sun God.
  • The MOAB is the oldest and first MOAB-Class Bloon to be introduced to the BTD series since its introduction in Bloons TD 3.
    • Before BTD 5 MOAB used to carry 4 Ceramic Bloons on top of itself, in BTD 6 this returns via "Retro Skin" along with BFB variant.
  • As of Bloons Monkey City, only the MOAB and the DDT have no symbols, as well as no eyes on the bloon.
  • MOABs change their appearance in every game they have been in, except for Bloons Super Monkey 2 (Besides being shinier).
  • When a MOAB is affected by Sabotage Supply Lines (or Bloon Sabotage in Bloons TD 6), it moves as slowly as a ZOMG
  • In BTD3, it is impossible to survive when a MOAB escapes, because it has a too high RBE (536) and the maximum possible amount of lives is 100 on Easy difficulty.
    • It is the only bloon capable of immediately ending the game in BTD3 (leaking MOABs costs exactly 100 lives), as Ceramic Bloons only cost 38 lives in BTD3.
  • In BTD3, the description on round 38 says that M.O.A.B stands for Massive Ornary Air Blimp, not Mother of All Bloons. The irony in this description is that it was used on Bloons TD 3, where it was the strongest bloon in the game, so it was the mother of all bloons until the sequels, except for the fact that Lead Bloons cannot be born from MOABs, though the only MOAB-Class Bloon in the series to do this is Bloonarius the Inflator from Bloons Monkey City.
  • In BTD3, the MOAB is glitched on a couple of maps, and carries Rainbow bloons literally and seemingly visually.
  • In BTD3, on the first map only, the M.O.A.B is glitched to move faster than a blue bloon.
  • In stage 1-5 the MOAB is pushed back each some attacks in Bloons Super Monkey 2, probably to make it easier.
  • The MOAB contains 380 bloons. (381 including itself.)
  • In BSM2, the final health stage of a MOAB has an "OUT OF ORDER" sign.
    • This makes it the only text on bloons in the entire series.
  • All MOAB-class bloons will make a regular popping sound when popped along with a large wreaking sound affect. The sound is more dramatic the bigger the MOAB-Class is.
  • A Technological Terror can destroy a MOAB in 3 seconds. (Fast Forward)
  • The MOAB can be pronounced as "MOW-ab", rather than an initialism. Both have been confirmed correct, as Gwendolin pronounces it as above, but Striker Jones pronounces it by its initials.
  • It is possible to pop an entire MOAB with 24 unupgraded Monkey Aces.
  • The MOAB icon in Bloons Monkey City does not have a propeller.
  • In BTD6, 24 0/0/0 sniper monkeys can completely destroy a MOAB on Monkey Meadow before any child Bloons can reach the half-way mark of the path.
  • In BTD6, the MOAB that comes on Round 40 in Easy difficulty only has 133 HP instead of the usual 200.
  • Despite the name MOAB (Massive Ornary Air Blimp), the damage stages reveal a structure, meaning it is not a blimp but a zeppelin.
    • Zeppelins have an internal structure to maintain shape. Blimps do not, and will deflate when pressurized gas isn't present.
  • In Bloons Pop!, the MOAB featured on the Bloon Layers diagram uses the BTD6 2D MOAB sprite.
  • When advertised on the original release of Bloons Pop!, the abbreviation of MOAB was shown as "Massive Ornery Air Blimp". In-game, however, it is referred as the Mother of All Bloons. Bloons TD 3's pre-round comment about the M.O.A.B's unabbreviated form reveals both names but does not consider the second-mentioned name as correct. Ninja Kiwi wrote in their June 18th 2021 blog reveals that both names are acceptable, probably implying that they now accept both aliases for the MOAB.
  • The correct spelling for "Massive Ornary Air Blimp" is actually "Massive Ornery Air Blimp". This was a misspelling in the BTD3 pre-round comment.
  • Ninja Kiwi first referred to the MOAB as the "Blue MOAB" when referring to the Version 38.0 Relentless Glue buff in their Version 38.0 patch notes.