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Add strategies to defeat the MOABs below.


  • If unlocked, use M.O.A.B. Maulers to pile on M.O.A.Bs and B.F.Bs.
  • M.O.A.Bs are considerably easier to pop than B.F.Bs, though they are still quite troublesome.
  • It is easier to put 6 M.O.A.B. Maulers with a Jungle drums for an increased fire rate and for no need for Road spikes to pop the blimp.
  • Many M.O.A.B. Maulers, an Arctic Wind, and any towers for back Defence is a good way to take a M.O.A.B out.

Pop Times By Unit (BTD5)[]

Time required for each unit to pop 1 solo M.O.A.B.:

  • M.O.A.B Mauler (x/3) 22s
  • Sniper Monkey (4/1) 17s (produces blue bloons)
  • Sniper Monkey (2/3) 15s
  • Super Monkey (0/0) 13s
  • Super Monkey (1/0) 13s
  • Super Monkey (2/0) 6s
  • Super Monkey (3/0) ~4s (depends on angle)
  • Super Monkey (0/3) 6s
  • Super Monkey (0/4) 3s
  • Super Monkey (2/3) 3s

Strategies (Multiple games)[]

(fellow contributors, please don't suggest highly ineffective or cost-ineffective strategies because this page listed over 35 strategies of which only 10 are decent)

Strategy #1[]

  • It is recommended that you unlock the M.O.A.B Mauler upgrade for Bomb Towers, it only requires Rank 17.
  • Avoid using Super Monkeys to help. They are the most cost-inefficient towers in-game. Only get them when you can get them to tier 3 or 4 upgrades.
  • Super Monkeys are also extremely ineffective against late-game bloons such as the Z.O.M.G and B.A.D unless they are tier 5 or tier 4.
  • Set Bomb Towers' target priority to Strongest so it targets M.O.A.Bs and B.F.Bs.
  • If you have any Mortar Towers start selling them after round 45, or aim further down the track to hit blimp spawns.
  • Once you have multiple super monkeys, set them ALL to first. Popping the outermost layer of a blimp further down the lane makes the spawn run faster.

As said above, use multiple M.O.A.B Maulers to increase max damage. Freeze Towers, Monkey Beacons, and Glue Gunners help to slow down the Bloons. MOAB Maulers are best to deal with lots of MOABs and BFBs. Hydra and Spectre also work very well.

Strategy #2[]

Start off with some MOAB Maulers at the beginning of the track to take the MOAB down to ceramic bloons, then put 2 tempest tornadoes at the end. It costs lots of money, but you can still try this in Sandbox Mode.

Strategy #3[]

The Monkey Buccaneer's Special Ability can easily destroy a M.O.A.B. Only works in small numbers.

Strategy #4[]

(Requires Tack, only likely to work about once, requires a special agent) A bloonberry bush with full thorn capacity can deal up to 400 damage to a MOAB that runs over it, leaving other towers to mop up the 216 remaining life. Preferably, 4 MOAB maulers should crush the MOAB after it has been damaged sufficiently, then an Arctic Wind should hold the Ceramics that appear still.

Strategy #5[]

Bloon Annihilation Ability can destroy many MOABs and BFBs easily. If you can afford it.

Strategy #6[]

Use a Bloonsday Device. Expensive, but it can take out large amounts of MOABs and BFBs.

Strategy #7[]

Use a TOTMG, preferably a maxed-out one because it can stop infinite MOABs.

Strategy #8[]

Here are some towers that can pop MOABs easily. One common thing about them is their fast firing speed or general popping power.

Strategy #9 (BTD5)[]

Place about 6 MOAB Maulers at the front of the track (set to Strong). Then, place a 3/2 (3/1 is also ok) Ice Tower in the range of a 2/3 Village at some distance from the Bomb Towers. If all goes well, the bomb towers will take off the MOAB layer, leaving the ceramics for the Ice Tower, which will pop most of them on the spot. Just make sure the MOAB Maulers don't thaw the bloons and that the Ice Tower is placed on a large bend, or it will miss some.

Strategy #10 (BTD5)[]

(Not cost-efficient, but possible) 4/1 Bloonchipper can destroy the MOAB and 3/1 Ninja Monkey can take care of its children. Strategy tested on Monkey Lane. (Don't try this with a group of 2 MOABs or more, unless you upgrade your Ninja Monkey to 4/1, in that case, can destroy up to a group of 3 MOABs)