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The Martian Transport ship is perfect for transporting your characters around the map.
~ BATTD description
Flying ship that can move characters
~ Short description
Martian Transport

Martian Transport is an exclusive Martian trade Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It is similar to Support Chinook from BTD5 and BTD6. It can be purchased for Crystals45,000. It can be equipped to Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Warrior Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Cassie, Commander Cassie, c4 Charlie, Max, juggernaut Max, and Supermonkey.

It costs $1200. The ability has a 240 second cooldown.


  • Can move characters around the map using ability
  • Low attack power


Icon upgrade faster
Improved Laser Coolant
COST: $360
Description: In-proved coolant means faster firing
Effect: Attack cooldown is now 0.9 seconds
Icon upgrade faster
Warp Drive
COST: $400
Description: High tech Thursters allows for much faster movement
Effect: Transport flight speed increased from 80 to 120
Icon upgrade damage
COST: $620
Description: Increasing the crew of the transport ship let it carry out more drops
Effect: Ability cooldown is now halved, making the cooldown 120 seconds


This ally can be very useful as a universal BMO's skateboard, so that you can save trinket slots on heroes with upgrades where another hero needs to be in range and heroes when playing on multi-lane tracks, especially Cursed Mirrors, where it also can help quite a lot with cleanup during the early-game as a global range tower.