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Update 1.5 – Welcome to the Martian Games!
The Martian Games are underway! Magic Man has prepared all kinds of crazy challenges for you to compete against your fellow citizens in the ultimate test of bloon popping prowess! Emerge victorious to be crowned the new King of Mars and earn Martian Crystals to trade for fabulous prizes, including premium characters and items!
New Games begin every few days so don't delay! Dive into the competition now!
~ Version 1.5.0 description
Martian Games Announce 1

Official Version 1.5.0 announcement

The Martian Games are a type of challenge in Bloons Adventure Time TD, introduced in Version 1.5.0. This mode functions similarly to Contested Territory in Bloons Monkey City; up to 6 players from around the world compete against the highest round possible on specialized rules and maps, starting with a specified default threshold, which is then governed by whoever reaches the top round. The player who reaches the highest round, starting from Round 10, will be crowned the new King of Mars, which will allow the player automatically generate Martian Crystals that can be used to buy items from the Martian Trader: Coins, Wish Orbs, Shards, Allies, Trinkets, Weapons, and even exclusive items such as seasonal items, premium items, and Premium Characters like Tuxedo Jake. The top player will stay as King of Mars for up to 8 hours or when another player beats the round after the top round, whichever comes first. Each Martian Games event lasts for 2 days each.

Success in Martian Games events will often be influenced by players' abilities to generate additional cash and/or to reduce their expenditure. In events where it is possible to max out available characters and allies (i.e. All Level 10 characters, having enough number of all items in the game to make any possible weapon/ally/trinket combination, having stocked up enough Powers in all types) then decisive factors may be: the gaming value/choice of allies/weapons/trinkets/characters/powers in possession, the star level of characters as related to unlocks available to them, the placement positions/targeting priorities of the characters and allies, the choices made of character upgrade paths chosen or manipulating game environment (e.g. removable obstacles) in some maps, the timing of activated abilities/Powers/other micro, some RNG (whether it came from characters/items, game modifiers, or even the game environment itself), the performance of the player's device and network connection, or as may often be the case, who was the first player to conquer a last attainable round.

Game Modes[]

Every Martian Games event, there will be two or three special game modifiers (called "rules" in-game) that will majorly modify the gameplay of the event. The list of rules that may potentially be selected randomly are shown below:

Icon Name Official Description Details
Rules icon no weapons No Weapons Your characters cannot use their equipped weapons in this game. Weapons are disabled in this Martian Games event. Characters will appear as if they have no weapons equipped. Blocks all upgrades that require the equipping of weapons (e.g. Jake's I'm The Musical One).
Rules icon no trinkets No Trinkets Your characters cannot use their equipped trinkets in this game. Trinkets are disabled in this Martian Games event. Characters will appear as if they have no trinkets equipped. Blocks all upgrades that require the equipping of trinkets (e.g. Finn's Slicer).
Rules icon no trinkets or weapons Back To Basics Your characters can't use their trinkets or weapons in this game. Weapons AND Trinkets are disabled in this Martian Games event. Combines No Weapons and No Trinkets rules.
Rules icon no allies No Allies You cannot place any allies in this game. Aside from Monkey Farmer, all other allies are disabled and hidden from the Characters menu in this Martian Games event. The opposite to Allies Only.
Rules icon no powers Powerless You cannot use powers during this game. The Powers button is hidden, preventing any use of Powers in this Martian Games event.
Rules icon allies Allies Only You can only place allies, not main characters, during this game. Only Allies may be placed in this Martian Games event; no characters may be placed, though the equipped characters are required to place in allies. The opposite to No Allies
Rules icon at characters only Local Heroes You can only place Finn, Jake, PB, Ice King, Marceline, and Flame Princess in this game. Only Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Warrior Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Marceline, Hunter Marceline, Tuxedo Jake, Dungeon Finn are the allowed characters to be placed.
Rules icon monkey characters only Monkey Madness You can only place Max, Cassie, Sai, Charlie, and Supermonkey in this game. Only Max, Juggernaut Max, Captain Cassie, Commander Cassie, Sai, C4 Charlie, Supermonkey are the allowed characters to be placed.
Rules icon half cash Half Cash You will only earn half the usual cash from all sources during this game. Similarly to BTD6's Half Cash, all forms of income are reduced by half.
Rules icon clones Send In The Clones You can place multiple copies of any one character during this game. Only one character may be placed on the map at any one time (even if the last copy is sold), but copies of that character may be placed an unlimited number of times. Once a character is on the map, this will become the only character available to use for the game (as in while playing a single Martian Games event game). Weapon and Trinket effects will carry through all clones. Allies are independent from that rule. Magic Coin Purse will take effect if equipped to one character, but will not prevent the placement of any other character.
Rules icon shuffle Shuffle Placed characters will randomly swap places between each round. Starting from after Round 6, characters, allies, and sub-towers will swap places with each other every round, regardless of said towers' placability, provided some towers (e.g. Max and Captain Cassie) are able to be placed on different terrains in the first place.
Rules icon more regen Heartstopper You'll encounter many more regrow bloons than usual in this game. Additional Regrow Bloons will spawn each round starting on Round 6. Similar to Regrow Assault in BMC.
Rules icon faster regen Healing Factor Regrow bloons will grow back layers much faster during this game. Regrow Bloons regrow layers at twice their usual rate.
Rules icon camortification Hidden Danger You'll encounter many more camo bloons than usual in this game. Additional Camo Bloons will spawn each round starting on Round 6. Similar to Camo Assault in BMC.
Rules icon fortifried Armored Up You'll encounter many more fortified bloons than usual in this game. Additional Fortified Bloons will spawn each round starting on Round 6.
Rules icon shields up Shieldbearer You'll encounter many more shield bloons than usual in this game. Shielded Bloons will appear in this game mode starting on Round 6.
Rules icon recorpsinator Reanimation Protocol You'll encounter many more zombie bloons than usual in this game. Zombie Bloons will appear in this game mode starting on Round 6.
Rules icon boo hoo Boo Hoo You'll encounter many more ghost bloons than usual in this game. Ghost Bloons will appear in this game mode starting on Round 6.
Rules icon forced level On The Level All your characters will be at star level X during this game. All characters' levels are changed to whatever is specified (e.g., level 10). Higher levels allow characters to get stat boosts and access to upgrades restricted to higher star levels, while lower levels do the opposite.
Rules icon magic man Magic Man Magic Man will appear every few rounds and kidnap a random character. Magic Man will kidnap a random character, ally, or sub-tower after completing every 3 rounds, starting from after completing Round 5. Unlike the Kidnap card from Bloons TD Battles Mobile, Magic Man will not refund any cash. However, he will still reallow the same character or ally to become re-placed on the map.

Magic Man is immune to any form of protection, including trinkets that block out negative effects.

Magic Man is able to take any character, ally, or sub-towers except on-track items such as Banana Guards and the Slime People from the Elder Plop's Scepter.

Rules icon wizard attack Wizard Attack Characters will be attacked by Fire, Frost and Blindness magic during this game. Similar to Wizard Royale, a random spell will be applied to a random character every 10-20 seconds, starting from Round 6. Also stacks with the three wizards on that map if played on Wizard Royale, or any other maps that contain negative tower effects.
Rules icon deflation Deflation More starting cash but no cash can be gained from any other sources. Players start with a flat $50,000 and cannot earn any more money from pops or from any other source, but can receive money back from selling. This includes income bonuses from character upgrades, allies, trinkets such as the bonus +$300 from the trinket Magic Coin Purse, or Powers.

In addition to the added rules, there is a flat limit of $10,000 cash generated per round, as a countermeasure against early-game income generation exploits and (usually late-game) massive income gains.


You have reached the income limit for this round! You can only generate a maximum of $10,000 per round during the Martian Games.

Your cash sources won't give any more cash until next round. You will still earn cash from popping bloons and for completing the round as normal.

~ Cuber's warning for $10,000 income (via Bonus Income and Bonus Income per Round) limit per round once player reaches that limit in a Martian Games round for the first time


Every Martian Games event, the player earns an instant 100 Martian Crystals for beating the specific round threshold for the first time, starting from Round 10. As of Version 1.6.0, greater rewards are rewarded upon beating every 5 rounds from Round 10. The player additionally may receive an instant 150 Martian Crystals once reached the King of Mars for the particular Martian Games event for the first time.

If a player reaches the Mars throne, they will be able to generate 150 Martian Crystals per hour, up to 8 hours (so max 1200 per run). Unlike Bloons Monkey City's Contested Territory, the amount generated is independent of your player level, and the generation of currency is automatic - thus does not necessarily require regular collection of the gained currency income.

Milestone Rewards[]

Round Reward
10 100 Crystals
15 20 Crystals
20 20 Crystals
25 20 Crystals
30 30 Crystals
35 30 Crystals
40 30 Crystals
45 40 Crystals
50 40 Crystals
55 40 Crystals
60 50 Crystals
65 50 Crystals
70 50 Crystals
75 50 Crystals
80 50 Crystals
85 50 Crystals
90 50 Crystals
95 50 Crystals
100 50 Crystals

Martian Trader[]

The Martian Trader runs a shop where Martian Crystals can be exchanged for various rewards. Every two weeks, the Martian Trader shop replaces the rewards being sold with new items. Players can only buy each listed item once per shop reset.

Cost (Martian Crystals) Redeemable Reward (Possibility)
500 200 Shards 500 Coins 5 powers
1,000 1,500 Coins 1 Rare Wish Orb 10 Powers
2,500 1 Super Rare Wish Orb 5 Rare Wish Orbs 10 Star Level Currency
5000 3 Super Rare Wish Orbs 15 Star Level Currency 1 Epic Wish Orb
10,000 3 Epic Wish Orbs 20 Star Level Currency Magic Man's Hat Box of Dirt Space Lards Glob's Sword
25,000 15 Cosmic Essence 45 Star Level Currency Elf Monkey Jingle Bomb Holly Jolly Scarf Martian Tracking Device Glob's Helmet
45.000 40 Cosmic Essence 75 Star Level Currency Abraham Lincoln's Penny Grob Gob Glob Grod Star Man Martian Transport Thundersword
45,000 (continued) Silver Tipped Stakes The Lover Train Boss Vampire King Lady Rainicorn
75,000 100 Cosmic Essence Dungeon Finn

(200 Finn Cakes if owned)

Hunter Marceline

(200 Red if owned)

Tuxedo Jake

(200 Meatballs if owned)

Holiday BMO Clarence


Martian Trader[]

Deciding what one should spend on with Martian Crystals is not the easiest task. There are items that are generally more recommended over others, as some items have larger relevancy than others. Thus, store prioritization depends on what the player is mostly after, assuming the player cannot gather enough crystals every week for every Martian unique item.

Generally, it is best if players prioritize items exclusively from the Martian Trader. Thus, if the player can easily afford Tuxedo Jake, Hunter Marceline, and Dungeon Finn during their 40% off sales with real life money, then buying these three towers with Martian Crystals is generally not worth it, as it can take over three weeks of grinding Martian Games before the player can afford these characters. On the other hand, if the player cannot reasonably afford these characters with real-life money, they should generally be first priority because of the unique content they unlock, although players may want lots of Grob Gob Glob Grod first if both appear at the same reset, and the player plans on pushing the limits of Martian Games.

After the player gets the premium characters or has a surplus of crystals, the player can start buying Martian Games exclusive items. Main priorities are generally Grob Gob Glob Grod as he is the strongest Martian exclusive ally and players can equip up to 10 of him (although realistically only 6 or so would be used at once), then Glob's Helmet for a trinket that combines negative effect protection, range, and lead/ghost popping. Martian Tracking Device can also be bought for the extra range, but it is not a priority. The rest are generally not worth going for outside of collection purposes, or can be acquired elsewhere without paying real life money. Vampire King, The Lover, and Lady Rainicorn can all be acquired from Legendary Wish Orbs, and Vampire King and Lady Rainicorn are given for free once from their premium character's respective adventure.


The Martian Games can have all sorts of crazy rules, from banning certain characters to having them change places between rounds
Beat the highest round to take the throne and start earning Martian Crystals
You can sit on the throne for a maximum of 8 hours at a time before you need to capture it again.
You'll earn crystals by sitting on the throne even if you close the game. You won't lose crystals if it gets captured while you're away.
Spend Crystals at the Martian Trader. You can use them to buy epic loot, exclusive items and even premium characters.
The Martian Trader's items will change every 2 weeks. Keep an eye out for your favorite loot.
~ Advice snippets randomly presented while flying to the Games (as current in version 1.7.3)


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  • Players in the Martian Games are represented by characters from the game. As of currently, these include Finn, Jake, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Max, and Captain Cassie.
    • Every Martian Games event, each player is assigned one of the six characters randomly. For identification reasons, there is currently no way for players to switch to a different character avatar during an event.
  • This is the only game mode in BATTD where multiple BADs may show up in a single game.
  • Rounds 31+ in this game mode always have random spawns from Purples, Fortified Leads, Ceramics, MOABs to Fortified BADs.