Generates money each round and adds it to your total. No fuss.
~ BTD6 description

Official BTD6 artwork

Marketplace is the third upgrade of Path 3 for the Banana Farm in BTD6. It allows all of the farm's bananas to be automatically collected during the round rather than releasing banana bunches. The amount of income produced each round is increased to a total of $240 (+$40 per Path 1 upgrades), in groups of $20 bananas. It costs $2,465 on Easy, $2,900 on Medium, $3,130 on Hard, and $3,480 on Impoppable.


Marketplace strives for one overall goal in the lineage of Monkey Farm upgrades: string free, hands free income. By collecting bananas as they are produced rather than chucking them out for the player to collect manually, they are collected for full value themselves without major issue when considering the tower itself, allowing focus on the Bloons, managing other towers and use of abilities to be practically unimpaired compared to other Banana Farms that release banana bunches. As a consequence for making the cash gain so simple is the plain fact that there is less produce than either Path 1 or Path 2 Farms, with the least overall potential revenue of all the Tier 5 upgrades.

While it is arguably the least effective Banana Farm in terms of raw yield and future upgrade potential, its easy collection makes it one of the most viable to spam throughout the map compared to Path 1 or even Path 2. If trying to use Path 1, collecting so many bananas at a time can least to some spoiling before collection, an issue Marketplace directly alleviates. The workaround of using Monkey Farmers is also made moot, as since it already collects by itself, there is no need for use or even purchase of them, indirectly saving Monkey Money or free Monkey Farmers.

Comparing Path 2 is a much more close race when it comes to easy collection, because while there is still some interactivity as to when to draw from the Monkey Bank, there is clearly significantly less player input than Path 1, making Path 2 and Path 3 battle it out for which is the better low attention Banana Farm Path. The Marketplace has a consistant revenue gain as stated above, while the Banks have a slow buildup which eventually grows to over quadruple the cash earned per round. There is also the benefit that multiple Monkey Banks allow the player to collect from them all at once, further reducing interactivity to low levels at the gain of potentially superior income over time. Once again, Path 3 is shown to have the lesser income but the least amount of effort to reinvest into its maintanence as well. Banks however require time to make profit, forcing you to place them down early, maybe reducing the ability to defend against the bloons. While Marketplace and its successors can be placed down early, Banks overtime can gain far more money and reduces impulse spending at that.

One notable benefit to Marketplace is its undocumented increase in bananas produced, automatically increasing from 4 to 12, making for a profit of $240 each round. As such, Path 1's extra 4 banana production is the superior option to invest into, as its extra $80 gain far outweights the $60 or $72 gains of Valuable Bananas without or even with the More Valuable Bananas Monkey Knowledge.



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