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Generates money each round and adds it to your total. No fuss.
~ In-game description

Marketplace is the third upgrade of Path 3 for the Banana Farm in Bloons TD 6. All bananas produced by this Farm are now automatically collected during the round rather than releasing banana bunches. It generates 16 groups of bananas worth $20, giving it a net income each round of $320. Marketplaces also sell for +10% more than normal due to inheriting the Banana Salvage upgrade.

This upgrade costs $2,295 on Easy, $2,700 on Medium, $2,915 on Hard, and $3,240 on Impoppable.



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The Banana Farm is replaced with a stereotypical market stall that has a red tarpulin. It has a cyan banana crate on its right hand side and 2 brown crates stack on top of each other on its left hand side. Next to the stall is a banana tree, which is bound by a red ring. All of these part of the Marketplace are attached onto a wooden floor. On the stand is several bunches of bananas. The tarpulin's red color alternates between scarlet and light red across each "tail" of the tarpulin, making a patern of alternating red vertical stripes.

With path 1 crosspaths, the wooden floor is replaced with a floor corresponding to the respective upgrade; Increased Production replaces it with a stone floor, then a golden floor from Greater Production. With path 2 crosspaths, the Marketplace gains a fence and the stall and all its bananas and banana logos become green; Long Life Bananas adds a wooden fence, and the Valuable Bananas upgrade replaces the wooden fence with a golden fence.

Marketplace bounces each time it spawns extra cash, autocollecting $20 per banana, and up to 16 times in a single round.

Targeting Priorities[]

Marketplace produces bananas that are each produced in a spawn. Like most Banana Farm upgrades, Marketplace lacks any real targeting priority.


Updated as of Version 34.3
Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade Cost (x-x-3) $2,465 $2,900 $3,130 $3,480
Total Cost (0-0-3) $2,845 $4,600 $4,965 $4,020
Total Cost (1-0-3) $4,310 $5,100 $5,505 $4,620
Total Cost (2-0-3) $4,820 $5,700 $6,155 $5,340
Total Cost (0-1-3) $3,100 $4,900 $5,290 $4,380
Total Cost (0-2-3) $3,780 $5,700 $6,155 $5,340



Marketplace strives for one overall goal in the lineage of Monkey Farm upgrades: string-free, hands-free income. Ultimately, this allows the player to manage towers, focus on the Bloons and timing of certain abilities, and thus makes this the easiest Banana Farm to place repeatedly throughout the map. If the player's strategy already requires heavy attention or micro-management, it may be best to consider purchasing Marketplaces to relieve hassle.

Marketplaces can also generate additional lives outside of Impoppable and CHIMPS mode with the HealthyBananasIcon Healthy Bananas MK. With said MK Point enabled, Marketplaces become one of the cheapest options for life generation outside of naturally leveling up Benjamin.


  • Marketplace exceeds the return value of Banana Plantation by a lot. While both towers generate $320 per round, a 3-0-0 Banana Plantation costs $5,350 on Medium whereas a 0-0-3 Marketplace costs $4,600. Likewise, a 3-2-0 Banana Plantation costs $6,450 on Medium whereas a 2-0-3 or 0-2-3 Marketplace costs $5,700.
  • As of version 18.0, there is no favorable crosspath for the tower without Monkey Knowledge. Both crosspaths will result in $400 generated per round at the same cost ($1,100 on Medium). If Monkey Knowledge is enabled, then crosspathing with the mid-path upgrades is recommended, as the marketplace will generate an additional $16 per round.
    • Prior to this update, it was always recommended to crosspath with the top path, as there was no overall benefit from crosspathing with the mid-path.
    • Even with the MoreValuableBananasIcon More Valuable Bananas MK, for the early-game, it might be advisable to crosspath with the top path to speed up money generation until enough Marketplaces are running. The extra +10% sellback from Banana Salvage makes replacing the 2-0-3 Marketplaces with more productive 0-2-3 Marketplaces cheaper.
  • Compared to Monkey Bank, Marketplace is far more profitable in the short-term.
  • Marketplaces gain the extra +10% sellback from their previous Banana Salvage upgrade, returning more money when sold.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Marketplace fills a special role at producing hands-off income. Initially, it had a small price nerf due to being too easy to spam in, but had since became mostly outclassed by Monkey Banks until Version 18.0, where Marketplaces got a sizeable income buff and outcompeted cost-efficiency versus Banana Plantations.

  • NERF Marketplace costs more ($2600 → $2900)
  • BUFF New MK "Healthy Bananas" allows Marketplaces to gain +1 life per round.
  • BUFF Marketplace produces +4 bananas per round, thereby increasing total income per round ($240 → $320)
Banana Farm's xx2 upgrade is the inferior crosspath, so we've amped up the utility with the lazy aspect so that if it's going to be inferior for production, it's at least going to be extra lazy & less far behind. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Marketplace now gains +10% sellback, due to Banana Salvage gaining +10% sellback.
  • Change [Undocumented bug] Autocollected income from xx2 and above farms do not add to the cash generated counter. Does not affect 032 and above farms. End-of round cash from xx5 still adds to the tower's cash counter.
  • Change [Bug Fix] xx2 and above farms now have autocollected income added to the cash generated counter.
[...] Finally, the Banana Salvage crosspath is also being increased in cost to reflect the current huge value granted to it with sellback metas where it is used.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Marketplace cost reduced from $2,900 to $2,700
    • Overall price change is $0 due to Banana Salvage price nerf (+$200)

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


Official artwork[]


  • Ever since the game was first released, Marketplace is the cheapest Tier 3 Farm in BTD6 by upgrade prices alone.
  • Until the release of Velociraptor in Version 36.0, pre-v2.0 Marketplace was the only upgrade to have ever costed $2600 on Medium.