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Vampire Queen, Demon, Rockstar, Marceline can do it all, and now she's ready to sink her teeth into battling the bloons.
~ BATTD Description
Flies anywhere on the map to attack the bloons.
~ Short description

Marceline is a Character that players unlock in Bloons Adventure Time TD. She functions in a similar way to the Heli Pilot when being used in the game, being one of few towers and the only character with this movement capability. She is unlocked by clearing Glob Save the Queen on the Extreme (pre-1.6.2)/Normal difficulty.

She has a alternate version called Hunter Marceline, which requires an in-app purchase of $9.99 USD or spending 75,000 Martian Crystals at the Martian Trader to obtain her.


Marceline is a thin, pale Vampire, wearing a gray tank top, deep blue denim jeans and high red boots. Her hair is pitch black and extends the length of her already tall stature. When attacking the bloons, she swipes viciously at them with her bare hands. When idle, she can be seen playing her equipped musical instrument.

  • Flying, pursues bloons
  • Slow attack speed


Icon bass expert
Bass Expert
COST: $400
Needs an Instrument equipped!
Description: Increases the boosts given by Marceline's musical instrument
Effect: Increases star bonus of weapon held by 1, additionally gives Marceline +5 melee attack range (not the amp)
Icon ferocity
COST: $1,600
Description: Marceline attacks much faster
Effect: 0.8x attack cooldown to all attacks.
Icon shape shifting
Shape Shifting
COST: $5,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Locked by
Description: Ability: Marceline transforms into a giant bat
Effect: Marceline shapeshifts for 14 seconds and now uses a claw and bite attack. Her claw attack is a melee attack with a 0.4 attack cooldown with 24 pierce and 6 sharp damage, while her bite is a SnipeSnipe global range attack with a radius of 1, 0.8 second attack cooldown, 8 pierce, and 10 sharp damage. 60 second ability cooldown, attacks benefits from attack speed bonuses..
Icon improved flight
Improved Flight
COST: $400
Description: Marceline flies much faster
Effect: Flight speed increased by 25%
Icon telekinesis
COST: $1,250
Upgrade(s) Required:
Improved Flight
Description: Marceline uses mind powers to push bloons back
Effect: A blowback attack affects up to 25 bloons and pushes them for 2.5 seconds; leads slow down instead of moving backwards. Also deals +2 damage to lead and ceramic bloons and +3 damage to fortified bloons. 15 second attack cooldown.
Icon pyrokinesis
COST: $1,500
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Bloons pushed by telekinesis are set on fire
Effect: Affected Bloons take an additional 1 fire damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds
Icon necromancy
COST: $1,000
Description: Ability: Raises an army of skeleton archers
Effect: Summons up to 5 skeleton archers (2 + 1 per star) for 30 seconds within the amp's range: 0.9s cooldown, 30 range, 5 pierce, and 1 sharp damage. 60 second cooldown.
Icon improved necromancy
Improved Necromancy
COST: $2,500
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Skeletons last longer and are much more powerful
Effect: Skeletons last 10 seconds longer and have +3 pierce and +1 damage.
Icon eating red
Eating Red
COST: $2,000
Requires Star Level 3+

Description: Neutralizes red bloons and slows BFBs
Effect: Gains an additional attack that affects up to 40 red bloons or a single BFB within 40 range every 5 seconds; red bloons fade to grey and become undetectable by attacks, but pop themselves after TBA seconds; BFBs turn grey and are weakened permanently, instantly taking 20% of their original health and slowing them down by 20%

Star Boost[]

Marceline will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 2
  • 4 stars - Amp range increased by 3
  • 6 stars - Base attack cooldown decreased by 0.2*
  • 8 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 2
  • 9 stars - Amp range increased by 3
  • 10 stars - Additional radial soundwave attack added to Amp
    • 1 second attack cooldown, 40 pierce, 1 normal damage, range derived from Amp range.

*Shows "attack speed increased by X" in the official patch notes and in the game - this is misleading. The attack speed stat is the inverse of attack cooldown.


Marceline is a rather unique character, serving as an active mixture of offensive and support when utilized properly with her attacks and her music serving either function. As an offensive tower, she bares the most resemblance to the Heli-Pilot, with Targeting Priorities directly parallel to Follow Touch/Mouse, Lock in Place, Patrol, and even Pursuit priority without needing an upgrade like with the Heli Pilot.

Unlike the Heli Pilot, however, she is strictly a melee fighter without supporting upgrades or Trinkets, making some strategies that work for a long-ranged tower like the Heli-Pilot less effective for a close-ranged character like Marceline. As such, Pursuit (the second pip in the Targeting Priorities) is the best option for Marceline, especially since most maps only have one active entrance and very few maps have multiple lanes active at once without a converging chokepoint.

Once Tuxedo Jake is acquired, outside of Local Heroes No Allies Martian Games, there are generally not many great use cases for Marceline, as her benefits are generally outclassed by even just bringing in a Tech Terror, COBRA and a Vampire King from Sam or Sai's ally roster.


When considering upgrades, Marceline's range of attacks still primarily consists of scratching, but incorporates other aspects like eating the red off of bloons. This upgrade allows her to fare well against group of BFBs, especially those that are released from a popped ZOMG. Telekinesis also allows her to gain an extra ranged utility, pushing bloons back to the start akin to the Downdraft upgrade from the Heli-Pilot, which can be further upgraded to Pyrokinesis, effectively making it both a utility and extra attack.

Even with trinkets and during shapeshifting, Marceline's DPS is not very great. Thus, she is best used as a support that can also provide eco and defend through the early rounds on multi-lane maps. Eco trinkets, namely Thief King's Dagger and Banana Replicator will let her provide income, while speed trinkets both serve her well for making her more consistent in the early game while also boosting the frequency of her blowback and BFB soul suck attack in the lategame. For weapons, Devil Monster Bass or The Lover, while useful for other towers, can take away from her eco capabilities, but work fine if the player does not need too much income from Marceline. While Golden Viola may be the first logical choice for providing eco and buffing other towers, it is typically used for Jake, so Fire Guitar is the next best option for eco that also provides an instrument buff.

Hambo does not reduce ability cooldowns of other towers in range, only her own cooldowns, but will reduce prices of ability upgrades for other towers in range of her amp, so it can be used for reducing the price of expensive abilities, notably Supermonkey's Sun God upgrade. Thus, with Hambo and other ability cooldown reduction trinkets, she could provide Warning Horn's buff with minimal downtime.


When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon appears:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon pops:

When a Bloon leaks:

When activating ability:


Character Profile and Levelling Up[]





  • Marceline cannot be tapped/clicked directly. For some reason, tapping/clicking on her base repeatedly annoys her.
  • Marceline shares her unique attack methods with Ghost Princess.
  • Bloons popped by Pyrokinesis damage only drop 1 in 2 cash compared to popping them normally. Trinkets and weapons inflicted DOT don't suffer from this punishment. Also Banana Replicator doesn't work with any DOT. Since Marceline can fly anywhere, she could use this burning damage anytime there is an emergency, no need to hold back from buying it.


  1. The information screen claims that her type is Normal Normal Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen). This is an error.
  2. Actual range projects from Marceline's base, she can attack anywhere on the screen, regardless of this value. Instead, characters in this range receive buffs.