Mana Shield icon when seen in-game


Mana Shield in start

Mana Shield is one of the final upgrades in the Magic Monkey Knowledge Tree, along with Tiny Tornadoes and There Can Be Only One. When activated, a 'shield' will surround the player's life count, allowing it to absorb up to 25 lives before depletion. At the start of every round, 5 lives will be regenerated to that amount if no lives are lost last round, up to a max of 25. It requires 8 points purchased into the skill tree before speccing into, along with BloonjaminsIcon1000 as a one-off purchase.


  • Don't be afraid to let the shield tank some of the leaking bloons, with a maximum of 25 hit points, it can absorb a Lead Bloon entirely, with 2 lives remaining.
  • This upgrade is very powerful early on and taking just 5 rounds to recharge means it is very useful for any weaker bloons that may slip by.

Version HistoryEdit


Nerf Mana Shield now requires a delay of 1 round with no Bloons leaking before recharge will begin

Nerf Impoppable Mode now blocks the use of Mana Shield


  • If playing on Easy difficulty with maximum lives and the shield is at maximum health, it is possible to tank 2 Ceramic Bloons, surviving with 17 lives.
  • Prior to Version 16.0, Mana Shield was considered a very powerful upgrade for Impoppable, as one could gain up to +25 regenerating lives in a single game. This was no longer the case as of Version 16.0, as it now disables Mana Shield.
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