Mana Shield in start

Mana Shield is one of the final upgrades in the Magic Monkey Knowledge Tree, along with Tiny Tornadoes and There Can Be Only One. When activated, a 'shield' will surround the player's life count, allowing it to absorb up to 25 lives before depletion. At the start of every round, 5 lives will be regenerated to that amount if no lives are lost last round, up to a max of 25. It requires 8 points purchased into the skill tree before speccing into, along with Btd6monkeymoney1000 as a one-off purchase.


  • Don't be afraid to let the shield tank some of the leaking bloons, with a maximum of 25 hit points, it can absorb a Lead Bloon entirely, with 2 lives remaining.
  • This upgrade is very powerful early on and taking just 5 rounds to recharge means it is very useful for any weaker bloons that may slip by.

Version HistoryEdit


Nerf Mana Shield now requires a delay of 1 round with no Bloons leaking before recharge will begin

Nerf Impoppable Mode now blocks the use of Mana Shield


  • If playing on Easy difficulty with maximum lives and the shield is at maximum health, it is possible to tank 2 Ceramic Bloons, surviving with 17 lives.
  • Prior to Version 16.0, Mana Shield was considered a very powerful upgrade for Impoppable, as one could gain up to +25 regenerating lives in a single game. This was no longer the case as of Version 16.0, as it now disables Mana Shield.
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