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Main Street is a very short and difficult Extreme Difficulty track where bloons will travel a street. The road is straight, from left to right and top to bottom, making it very difficult to complete. The tracks are the same as Consecrated Ground. This map is arguably the easiest Extreme map in BTD5, as the bloons paths physically cross each other in an intersection, unlike Bloontonium Lab or Tar Pits. If attempted by a very skilled player, it's even possible to be beaten on Hard NAPS within a reasonable amount of attempts.


  • As for many other maps, always start with a couple of dart monkeys or tack shooters, slowly get your ninja and glue gunner for lead popping power, don't forget the spike factory that would most likely save you some lives. From there build your late game defense base on your experience.
  • Despite the ninja's usefulness in many tracks, it's distraction upgrade is kind of a waste since the path is completely straight so the bloons only move slightly backwards.
  • Also an Arctic Wind can really help in the center for later rounds.
  • Mortar Tower can do well when aiming in the center because of the good explosion size.
  • Don't rely on Monkey Buccaneers, as they do not work well as a main defender in the top-right lake.
  • Spike Factories can work pretty well in this track, as it is very short. However, it is not a good idea if bloons will continously escape.
  • Another good idea is to place towers with unlimited range in the corners, as it is very far from the whole track.
  • Monkey Sub's with Advanced Intel can easily make use of the water because the location of the water makes the Monkey Buccaneer's shots to easily miss.
  • A boomerang thrower set on the target priority of close will be very effective because the boomerangs will cross 2 paths. This is particularly effective with the level 3 boomerang specialty building.
  • Robo-Monkey will help well in this track.


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